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The color of household know-how

by:KNK     2020-08-25

we are in decorating household, the choice of the color is very important, just do not pay attention to there is the possibility of making the colour of household does not conform to the visual effect of people, or make some jokes, today we will introduce about the color of household know-how, make our home is decorated more beautiful. 1, we're going to use color to make the administrative levels feeling and clear in the home, usually we are all will be the color of wall arrangement is very shallow, then the color of the floor, the deepest color of furniture, of course, we can also use our color to decorate, the furniture, walls, floor. The above 2, metope color in not more than 3 colors, or it will give a person dazzling sense, so we had better choose when to choose a color of the walls to pure color design, it is also very joker. 3, the household contracted and lively taste doesn't fit with big beautiful floret, as far as possible with a pure color design, increase bedroom space. 4, gold, silver, decorate in the bedroom is the most commonly used universal color, line, can match with any color used in any function space. 5, the color of the restaurant is best decorated warm color to move, because it can make us feel warm, but also makes our appetite. 6, ceiling when choosing color most like the color of wall light or, like the color of wall, otherwise can let a person have difficulty breathing. 7, red with green is best not to appear in the same room, especially red and green, so it's very tacky, make our home decorate it feels very had no taste. 8, our toilet should choose warm color to move, because toilet itself, give a person the sense of cold, not only decorate the warmth of a bit make it looks more cold.

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