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The classification of the stainless steel door

by:KNK     2020-07-22

stainless steel door classification of customers in the market to buy stainless steel door is usually steel stainless steel door. Because now the wide variety of stainless steel door, have carbon steel, stainless steel door, imitation bronze, bronze. Now here is made of carbon steel door to introduce. Produce manufacturer from the market after buying steel strip by kaiping, cut into different standard to pressure door after the flower, is here to take care of that, from manufacturer to purchase what kind of information contact later after molding quality has great.

the frame material is not the same, are small rolling mills are produced, but here and manufacture and hot rolled plate, manufacture of mechanical performance is better, but most of the company, is a more small and medium-sized companies choose hot rolled.

pressed flower plate workers is cut into the required size according to the drawing, and then through the structure of the bending reach regulation. Here cut cutting quality is associated with the intrinsic quality of the door, such as doors open good pass, rebound, the lock is flexible, usually each manufacturer will have corresponding support and mold to ensure the scale, so the customer to pay more attention to, buy new factory goods in as a rookie, tooling and couldn't keep up with, the product quality is hard to say, when the original factory to other people, you've met this homework, original own thought too brief however, but to the rookie has become unusually difficult homework. Sheet forming will enter after phosphating. After phosphating is through chemical process, the metal surface to a layer of 10 microns of phosphating film, intention is to maintain the metal surface and not rust a skill, and phosphating is divided into series phosphating of iron and zinc phosphide.

iron series phosphating skills a brief, usually will spray phosphating products, otherwise will winds rust soon. Zinc series phosphating was a skill clutter and rookie usually not easy to grasp. Zinc series phosphating of goods can check a few months and not rust, what is important is by spraying phosphating film can be preserved after processing and then maintain the intention of the metal surface. Phosphating good commodity to enter the working procedure is the inner weld, namely attachments welded inside the door to the next step is agglutination, now on the market of honeycomb paperboard is most filling inside the door, the stand or fall of here a piece of paper and glue the stand or fall of contact with the use of customers in the future has very big! That is if you buy the door had no doubt, but later he found the door seems to be no bone sample to it where you can where while move, if appear such question is agglutination is no better.

grinding spray skills

more work to do in the future into polished painting skills, spraying temperature is the key here. Because usually USES the stainless steel door is PVC and other plastic powder, we know that the plastic melt temperature is usually 180 - the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius Between 200 degrees, namely says if the oven temperature control owe good ( Is low, largely due to high will put plastic powder and burned, this is the factory is not willing to) , customers in the future use more than one year will present coating drop, serious is large drop, this reason is because there is no to plastic melting temperature, made of plastic not good adhesion to metal surface. Now on the market most are the lines of that kind of door, the door is by putting grained paper used to put the wood grain transfer printing in has good spraying the surface of the metal, there are a number of skills.

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