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The choose and buy of the foshan furniture factory of children furniture erroneous zone and the main points of choose and buy

by:KNK     2020-08-29

now family is more and more care for children, always want to take care of all aspects of the good boy, so in order to children's health, and also took some hard on children furniture to pick, but want to fine the facts did not meet our requirements. This is because they walk into the children's furniture of choose and buy, then to tell the parents of children furniture of choose and buy error, and how the children furniture of choose and buy. The myth of choose and buy: solid wood furniture is not equal to low formaldehyde. We think of solid wood furniture is made of natural wood, don't use chemical reagent so there won't be the production of formaldehyde, but some solid wood furniture surface, puzzle glue, also can use adhesives in particular, real wood furniture that stick a skin, so also can appear problem of formaldehyde release. Color light does not mean less harmful material, we all think that the more colorful furniture containing heavy metals, but in fact there is no scientific basis, regardless of the color depth, will contain metals in paint. Low formaldehyde does not mean that environmental protection, the content of formaldehyde in low but furniture may also contain other heavy metals such as benzene and lead, etc. Choose the point: the first thing to consider is the safety problem, we must pay attention to when buy children furniture edge is smooth, is there any burr, and the gaps between the children furniture does not want too big, less than 5 mm or greater than or equal to 12 mm, otherwise it's easy to stuck the kid's finger. And table must be fixed after cabinet above 60 centimeters, in case of ark of desk fell onto the child, and the location of the drawer and don't too tall, prevent hit a child. Second is to consider the material of environmental protection. Children's furniture must choose the natural type furniture of environmental protection, such as environmental protection paint, paint to use water-based paints to avoid children hurt by or harmful gases or heavy metals, affect the development and physical health. When children furniture of choose and buy, we will ask for relevant certificates as businessman, see if children furniture, safety and environmental protection. The last is the colour of children furniture to be lively, children if you use the color darker, will make the heart of children become dark, so we will try to pick the color and lively, design and modelling are kids like children furniture, so can make children healthy and able to thrive in heart.

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