The choose and buy of the chest of environmental protection and safety principles

by:KNK     2020-08-20

now people more and more pay attention to health, from the aspects of food and clothing live line with party will pay attention to. So at the time of purchase chest how can we buy a wardrobe environmentally friendly and safe? Let's for a minute. 1, the material of wardrobe to environmental protection points from the material, the wardrobe consists of solid wood wardrobe, chest, plastic plate, wardrobe, cloth wardrobe, wardrobe cany art, etc. , by far the most popular or solid wood wardrobe and chest, but no matter what we choose material of the chest, the first thing to ensure is the material of wardrobe is environmental protection, we can see when buy related inspection report, to determine the wardrobe is environmental protection. 2, chest don't irritating smells we buy wardrobe if smell excitant odour, then the furniture formaldehyde content exceeds bid for certain, we can't buy. So when to buy wardrobe we smelling it is stimulating odour. 3, chest paint to smooth we have touched with the hand paint on the surface of the wardrobe is smooth, is there a wrinkle. 4, chest sealing side to complete we all know that free formaldehyde in the air is released, if we complete wardrobe sealing side, the formaldehyde will not spread out. And the corner of the wardrobe is best rounded corners, to prevent the happening of the accident.

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