The choose and buy of couch couch rice and maintenance methods

by:KNK     2020-08-23

of couch couch rice, we all think it origins from Japan, but not yes. Although Japanese tatami is transliterated, tatami origin is from China, have seen it in a book is introduced into Japan in tang dynasty. But now the tatami compared with the original tatami or there is a big difference, because it has made a change in the use of material, but it is undeniable that couch couch rice is originated in our China. Now many people like this kind of similar to the primitive life, because it can close to nature, so many families will choose tatami, so how to choose and buy couch couch rice? The choose and buy of tatami way 1, observing appearance: when we were watching the tatami, if the modelling of couch couch rice flat, and looks very tall and straight, so it is a good tatami. If our tatami look baggy, it shows that the tatami is inferior. 2, the surface: if the surface of the couch couch rice is green, uniform and compact tight, both hands to intermediate tight approach everything in a glance, is good tatami. And yellow, have jumped grass, place their hand on a 5 inch, have crease is defective. 3, straw mat, mat, joint 'ya' form sewing uniform slope, angular is preferred; The shape of ∥ sewing edge time. 4, package edge: whalen line sewing stitch evenly, cream-colored, edges and corners as the blade is preferred; Polyester thread sewing stitch, white, such as edges and brown, slightly round drum. 5, check back: if we see is made of beige whalen line on the back of the couch couch rice, but also have special waterproof material, at the same time stitching is close-grained, not the existence of the off-line, permeability is also good, so it is good quality, on the other hand is defective. 6, the thickness of the watch: finally we have seen is the thickness of the tatami, if the thickness of the surrounding it is the same, and the touch feeling is the same, so is good tatami, if the thickness is not uniform and the touch feeling is different, so it is defective. We all know that can let a person sit on couch couch rice at the same time also can let a person lying on it, and place in the middle there will be a small table is available for us to eat or drink tea or to use as a desk. It is one of the most widely used in Japan, but it also has a lot of people in other countries like the furniture. Tatami mostly use mat weaving now, so we use is close friends certainly good to maintain, let's say, the maintenance in the couch couch rice method. Maintenance of couch couch rice method 1, before we clean the tatami, must use dry cloth to wipe, so at the time of cleaning is a good clean. 2, we want to keep dry, after the mould rains season, on the back of the sun to dry. 3, we can choose when clean with edible vinegar is wiped, so it can play the role of clean, but also maintain the tatami. And vinegar and the effect of sterilization, can make our couch couch rice more clean, no bacteria. 4, if there is water damage, urine, with warm cloth rub-up, ink, cleaning with milk, then blow dry or on the back of the sun to dry. 5, don't bend or pulling, to prevent surface crease or deformation, if bending, on one side of the bending in the opposite direction several times, you can recover. 6, if our couch couch rice yellow, we can also with diluted vinegar is wiped, so it can make us yellowing tatami become clean. 7, our couch couch rice is best in a cool and ventilated place, but also its sun every year two or three times, so that both can sterilization and insects and moisture. And when we were in daily to clean, must be a week with a vacuum cleaner clean it again carefully.

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