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The characteristics of the modern stainless steel partition function

by:KNK     2020-10-18
Stainless steel partition is made of stainless steel raw materials processed products. Made of stainless steel material of sophisticated technology products, strong gloss, strong and durable. Stainless steel partition is suitable decoration to the hotel, hotel, restaurants and other high-end decoration, decoration decoration field, also applies to household. Modern stainless steel partition design should consider its function design, to do with the surrounding environment and decoration. Want to be in a specific environment to design the shape of the stainless steel partition and scale, want to consider the screen surface appear a relation with false or true. The characteristics of the modern stainless steel partition should have static, stable, solemn, flow requirements. Modern stainless steel partition form is flexible, can be either decoration classic home, also can decorate the fashion house. Used properly, it will play a big role in the home. Modern home outfit can set all kinds of stainless steel screen, can be used in the living room, hall, dining-room, bedroom, different areas, such as recreational area, study the modern and classical culture together, both can properly divide the functional areas, beautification bedroom, also improved the cultural taste of the family. Stainless steel cut off one of the most basic function is disjunctive space, create a 'lie between and constantly' effect, make indoor more obvious functional partition, and require too much space. In position to place a screen, can make people live each other, each have a relatively intimate atmosphere. In the banqueting hall area is lesser, for example, using screen ark to do partition, distinguish between sitting room and dining-room, both reach the purpose of the functional partition, and maintain a link between them; Put a screen at the entrance to the bedroom, in addition to keep out the line of sight of the outside world, can also play a role of porch. The characteristics of the stainless steel screen ark is small and light, can freely move design and color is varied. Articles by: stainless steel partition foshan metal products co. , LTD provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: office business floor stainless partition to decorate the matters for attention
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