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The characteristics of the metal screen partition and installation

by:KNK     2020-10-16
Metal screen partition got great development in recent years. Everyone is more or less have a certain knowledge of metal screen partition, partition practice a lot, with bamboo or wooden partition, glass partition, partition, such as stainless steel stainless steel partition is mainly laser cutting engraving and assembled into products, with spot welding or full welding process to make different styles of stainless steel screen, installation shoulds not be higher than 3 m, with hope in the perspective of viewing will be oppressive feeling, single or multiple checkered partition black titanium stainless steel screen assembly installation: today I'll introduce the characteristics of the metal screen partition and installation. Metal screen is in most cases, as a kind of decoration materials, not only look beautiful, and very durable, more important is that it USES a wide range of different metal through different processing can be applied to many different places, it is the tiger balm of decorative building materials. Its biggest characteristic is 'volatile'. Its changeable reflected in not only the appearance can be varied, its color also can change a lot, so to speak, as long as you can imagine it has color, it is a great miracle. It meets all the requirements of the so decorator for colour, let a person had to admit defeat. Then its advantage in where? Its advantage is mainly reflected in the market, in the home building materials market, is have absolute advantages, installation is convenient, it can be used in any one place as a decorative, application scope is very broad. At the same time it is very easy to be changed, the volume of it but can small, can meet the requirements of different places to decorative materials area. At the same time, in both beautiful and at the same time can to a certain extent, ensure safety again. Although the metal screen in the market competition is intense, but I believe the metal screen market only will continue to develop in the future. Metal screen partition installation of vertical component assembly metal screen partition embedded: vertical when connected to the upper and lower walls and beams, according to the size of embedment depth or stay slot vertical plate connection: when installing a set up, and wall body, beams or groove together, join points available welding, pulley, Push and pull) Add ornamental design method ornamental design installation: vertical version also adopt the method of welding and inserted into the groove, welding ornamental design in the vertical plate fixation after operation, insert groove and vertical plate installed at the same time. Walkthrough: in the first partition to install the location of the calibration, and then to walkthrough sewing thread: with a decoration line horizontal machine tool, the up and down or so balance straight line at right angles, not dislocation, skew, from top and bottom components assembled together. Articles by: metal screen metal products co. , LTD. Foshan city provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel checkered development process, from the evolution of the traditional to the modern furniture decorative products
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