The beauty of the stainless steel screen

by:KNK     2020-10-14
Stainless steel screen as a kind of flexible space elements, decorative elements and design elements, both practical function and art appreciation. Through its own features such as shape, color, texture, pattern, it can be integrated into the rich variety of modern space environment, convey the meanings of the new Chinese style, deduce the charm of Chinese traditional culture, bring you into the scene. Are still widely used. Stainless steel screen is not confined to a certain function, form and position, but as a result of each particular environment has a specific design requirements, with stainless steel screen must be on the basis of fully understanding space planning. The sitting room decorate the sitting room is the main public space. In this space, general with Chinese style element as the main body, with the function of modern applications. Whole is tonal unity among the simple color, annatto sofa orderly distribution, up to round-backed armchair, lighting, or rich ancient frame, neat rank, if we can add a stainless steel screen adornment, can enrich the whole space, let a person feel the meaningful in the thick taste. , for instance, metope is decorated with a few wall hanging, make look both nostalgia and novel, create different temperament. Or folding screen in porch place, wooden grille type stainless steel screen and so on can produce 'walks moving scene' the effect, make people wanting more, produce infinite daydream. In going to the main tone, and then through the soft outfit colour ornament mix build, add another emotional appeal. The study decorates the display of Chinese study is no longer purely a form, but the use of multicultural integration, level, the rich natural highlights culture, the interpretation of both his master's understanding of life, and has a personality, stick to the self. In this office space, bookshelf, desk, chair, stainless steel screen constituted the main body of the study. With the ancient pieces, cloth art, the plaque, lamps and other accessories, to avoid the drab feeling, make the study of leisure means be vividly portrayed. Create a quiet, the study of pure temperament. Sit down and rise up, we can feel the modern breath, at the same time also can feel the Oriental amorous feelings. Partition function due to the unique qualities of stainless steel screen, thus it can be used to partition the space, smooth add glamour. If a space area is larger, can use the stainless steel screen of disjunctive space, separated heaven and earth. Of course, the choice is simple and elegant folding screen is most appropriate, is has a sense, also have the effect of partition, highlight the scene of a kind of calm. In addition, can show master all the exalted position, such as screen, no matter it in which position, is the center of the line of sight, sitting in the front must be a master. According to the class arrangement second, different materials, texture, color of the stainless steel screen will present a different personality. To interval, usually enclosed as well; Can be used to surround close, valuable. such handiwork, looks angry. In addition, different season can choose different color of stainless steel screen, such as qiu dong season, stainless steel screen colors should be bright, can make the bedroom is full of warm atmosphere; Xia Chun season, should choose the color of light, can make the bedroom appears pure and fresh and cool. Of course, should also be proper collocation according to actual environment. The ingenious combination of stainless steel screen art and fashion, searing, beauty hidden in it. Try to taste the traditional aesthetic temperament and interest in stainless steel screen culture, life philosophy and human emotion. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen universal sex
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