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The advantages of display screen in the living room

by:KNK     2020-08-19

now a lot of people will place on a screen in the living room, so why put a screen? Let's a quick rundown of the sitting room put screen what benefits? So that we know why the display screen. 1, the screen is the role of partition: people are talking about first thought must be the role of partition screen, it can make our space segmentation, but also can increase sense of privacy for our living room, make their own independent space, let us feel safe. 2, screen can relieve air: as is known to all, in the sitting room if there is no screen, then the airflow into the straight, straight and irresistible. The screen is different, the airflow around the screen and lines, is slow and more natural. Note that this round, trajectory into form, although slow airflow, however, do not come loose gas, very the love song for feng shui principles. Ancient geomantic learn, regardless of the rivers and lakes, taboo straight, all with its, the twists and turns and goes back to ancient times and as a good omen. While we screen not only ease the flow can also bring good omen. 3, screen as the town operator instruments: screen in fengshui is treated as an extremely practical town operator devices, is it convenient to tear open outfit, mobile and flexible, in block air flow at the same time, also can yet be regarded as a decorous adornment, form a beautiful scenery line of household. Fengshui will also recognize, screen will be cut into several to get together gas lounge little aura, the flexibility to change door, adjust the angry route, make the house owner is always in a good aura. As for this kind of view of science, and modern people can't prove it from a scientific perspective, but also in efforts to explore, believe there is a scientific reason. 4, screen is beneficial to the health of the body: our above said the screen have the functions of air, this air flow can relieve be inhaled by people, so that the airflow and we can make blood flow has been, makes people feel very comfortable, it is of great benefit to our body is, and our fate will also increase, so that we both career and school will be very good achievements.

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