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The advantages and disadvantages of custom metal furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-07

custom metal furniture is a furniture which rise in recent years, although is not very common, but with the passage of time now to use metal furniture started to become more and more, can be seen from these metal furniture customization has become a mainstream furniture type. Metal furniture is not all adopt metal not raw materials processing, but with metal as the main raw material, the collocation of common materials such as wood, marble, glass and become a kind of furniture. So as long as most of them adopt metal not the furniture of raw materials are referred to as metal furniture. Believe that a lot of people wanted to customize some metal furniture, but has been a hindrance because don't know. Below is for you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of custom metal furniture, hope can help wish you all a better distinguish whether custom metal furniture is suitable for yourself.

custom metal furniture advantages:

1, since it is custom furniture, must have a can undertake processing, according to the requirements of their size, finally get both in size and appearance of the style is very suitable for their own furniture.

2, custom metal furniture raw materials are mostly used by sheet metal, tubes, so he has a better strength, can guarantee the service life of furniture, for some after drawing or surface treatment of metal furniture, use life will be longer. 。

3, custom metal furniture also has the advantages of green environmental protection, metal furniture not only don't have a solid wood furniture often problems of formaldehyde, and it belongs to a kind of metal can be recycled resources, so use up will not have much impact on the ecological environment, completely accords with the theme of green environmental protection, so to speak.

4, custom metal furniture has a very big advantage is to meet high temperature also won't appear damage like solid wood furniture, so now a lot of can choose stainless steel stainless steel ambry mesa. And no matter how bad environment also won't appear crack, which is one reason for its service life is very long.

custom metal furniture drawback:

1, the simple sense of custom metal furniture will give people some cold feeling, so most of the basic metal furniture is in some companies. But this problem already has many solutions, such as on the metal surface plating, sand blasting, fluorine carbon spraying, such as surface treatment, will cover a metal furniture of cool feeling. This match after surface treatment of metal furniture of real wood, glass, marble, not only aesthetically pleasing, but also the service life of the plant very much.

2, custom metal furniture, if by the impact of the strong, sound will be particularly big, for like quiet people, such a big noise will make a lot of people feel uncomfortable, even this is why many people don't like metal furniture. And because the very nature of the metal this noise can only decrease as far as possible, but not is greatly reduced.

the content above is the introduction on the advantages and disadvantages of the custom metal furniture, believe that through more understanding, we can choose according to his be fond of whether appropriate purchase custom metal furniture. Foshan furniture factory is a professional manufacturer of furniture customization, can undertake all kinds of metal furniture custom service, but also have independent brand, their own design and processing of furniture, if you have furniture needs to understand can call our hotline for counseling.

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