Teach you how to quickly to the new house in addition to flavor after decorating

by:KNK     2020-08-08

newly decorated house often have a lot of excitant odour, largely because of the paint, plaster, three-ply board, plastic and other produces from excitant odour of decoration materials, because these smelly contains a lot of harmful substances, so long-term intake will affect the family's health. So, in order to avoid health be affected, so a lot of people will choose to wait a long time after the decoration to check-in. But the way of the hold time is too long, to see the new house can't stay in some great indeed. But it doesn't matter, here to teach you how to quickly to the new house in addition to flavor after decorating, save your waiting time.

method one: plants in addition to flavor

in nature there are a lot of can absorb the harmful smell, decomposition of plant, as long as we use them to speed up the new house decorate effect in addition to taste. Of those that can be in addition to flavor, chrysanthemum, ivy can decompose formaldehyde, xylene in both common and harmful gases. Money plant, aloe, hanging basket is to reduce the decomposition of formaldehyde in plants, generally placed in a room for one to two basins can be toxic gas absorption in the air is clean. Such as is common in flowers market, is neither convenient purchase, in addition to taste and very good effect.

2, activated carbon in addition to the

to this the strong adsorption ability of activated carbon products, for benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, ethyl ether, kerosene, gasoline, styrene, vinyl chloride and other materials have adsorption function.

3, fruits and vegetables in addition to the

Onions, as a kind of common vegetables, will often appear at our table. Believe that many people ignore it is small to taste good, have proved the Onions soaked in water, in the room which can get rid of the smell of paint to a certain extent. Also believes that many people know that the fruits, like orange, pineapple, lemon new picked will have fragrance, and the fresh fruit picked just can have certain chemistry absorb harmful substances in the air. We can take advantage of the fruits of this feature, these fruits to help us to absorb the harmful gas, release the fragrance.

4, water in addition to taste flavour

believes that many people don't know, clear water have decorate can remove the harmful gas. Actually dangdang when water evaporation, water molecules will protect the walls and ceiling surface coating. Generally can be as long as in water twice a day, if you have time, you can also use clean dishcloth dips in water wipe furniture repeatedly, this can remove the smell of paint in the history of furniture, but also can wipe off the dirt from the residue in the above.

5, science, in addition to flavor
with the development of science and technology, many people are studying how to quickly remove peculiar smell. After years of research, there are now many can remove the harmful gas of bridal chamber decorates left products, you can look for dispelling the flavor cleaner on the market. Place to taste detergent into the pan, indoors combining the above methods that can remove the peculiar smell in the house faster.

this is to speed up to our new house in addition to taste method after decorating, as long as according to the above method, believe that soon we can get into hard for a long time to complete the new house decorate. In addition to you, everyday home to open a window ventilated, in decorating a house of time to minimize the use of raw materials of some caused great pollution. So from the source to reduce the release of harmful gases, we can better enjoy the warmth of family.

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