Stainless steel with formaldehyde family

by:KNK     2020-08-31

stainless steel with formaldehyde family? The answer is it depends. To see a lot of direct comments that do not contain, the answer is not comprehensive. If the stainless steel furniture contain fiber board, then definitely will have the production of formaldehyde, if is not collocation woodiness stainless steel furniture there would be no formaldehyde. This is from the causes of formaldehyde in furniture. In general is not a lot of wooden furniture, especially the particle board, the board that the synthetic fiber board, are made by is given priority to with urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive will be broken wood together. Sheet at this time of the residual and was not involved in the reaction of formaldehyde will be gradually released into the surrounding environment, to form the main body of formaldehyde in indoor air. In general is that these man-made board adhesive is used to produce formaldehyde of the culprit, and won't produce this kind of harmful material is stainless steel. And now is through the metal and glass, stainless steel furniture collocation such as wood, leather, marble made furniture. Now on the market, although there is a pure stainless steel furniture, but still less. Because all adopt the stainless steel, metal cold feeling is too strong, and the feeling of cold winter hot summer really uncomfortable. So if is pure stainless steel or stainless steel furniture with glass, leather, marble and so on, there will be no formaldehyde, if is combined with some man-made board production is sure to have the formaldehyde. So if you worry about the problem of formaldehyde, can choose a pure stainless steel furniture, and various by stainless steel, glass, stainless steel and marble stainless steel production, the production of stainless steel + solid wood furniture.

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