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Stainless steel welded pipe screen how to choose

by:KNK     2020-10-15
Stainless steel screen to choose the focus of the welding pipe is adjust measures to local conditions, according to different requirements for the determination of pipe. Blindly in order to save the cost, after all, is not good, of course, in order to consider safety, spend a lot of unnecessary money also is not desirable. A better approach is to find a professional manufacturer of consulting, recommended by the manufacturer through the environment, so as to achieve good and cheap. The stainless steel screen should be how to choose the welding pipe? 1, the welding pipe material to choose according to use environment, if it is indoor choose 201 stainless steel tube is ok, it is better to choose 304 stainless steel outdoor, outdoor environment than indoor bad, after all a lot, if use 201 service life will be discounted. If it is in the coastal city of outdoor, 316 is also a very good choice, although the price is higher, but also more reliable. 2, welding pipe wall thickness can't be too thin, the cost savings as well as to ensure the safety of the product. After all belong to the big screen of stainless steel products, the problems are easy to cause more damage. Stainless steel screen in the process of manufacturing and assembly, there will always be the internal stress of different, in use process, and will bear all kinds of load; In the corrosive medium, also may produce stress caused by the corrosion products. Therefore, stress corrosion fracture of metal material is an important practical problems, and common under the action of stress and medium, change a complicated theory problem of metal materials. Now there are a lot of books and papers, never ask Angle analysis of the theory of this problem, and brings together the research data. Stainless steel screen processing method has two very common, is a kind of laser cutting, another is the stainless steel pipe welding. Pipe welding of stainless steel screen, need to be a lot of stainless steel tube by welding together, and together the pattern want pattern. This to apply to a lot of welding process and the thickness of the whole stainless steel pipe, pipe specifications, material and so on will affect the entire screen is beautiful, so we in the production of stainless steel screen before, must determine the appropriate welding pipe. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: mirror stainless steel screen three processing steps
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