Stainless steel tube has extensive scope of the application in the national economy

by:KNK     2020-09-07

the inner diameter of the stainless steel tube in 6. 0 mm above, the wall thickness is 13 mm below the annealing stainless steel pipe, can be recycled W - B75 Webster hardness tester, its testing is very fast, lightweight, suitable for do rapidly and pass the review of stainless steel pipe. Stainless steel pipe diameter greater than 30 mm, wall thickness greater than 1. 2 mm stainless steel pipe, metal furniture factory, recycling rockwell hardness tester, HRB, HRC hardness test. Stainless steel pipe diameter greater than 30 mm, foshan furniture customization, wall thickness less than 1. 2 mm stainless steel pipe, recycling rockwell hardness tester, HRT or HRN hardness test. Inside diameter less than 0 mm, greater than 4. 8 mm stainless steel tube, foshan metal furniture customization, recycling pipe dedicated rockwell hardness tester, testing HR15T hardness. When the stainless steel pipe diameter greater than 26 mm, can also use the rockwell or appearance rockwell hardness tester to test the hardness of the lining pipes. The application prospect of stainless steel pipe is a kind of economic cross section steel, steel is an important product of fortune, but in stainless steel pipe used for family decoration and property, many people used to build on the market the
stair handrail, protection, railing, window, furniture, etc. Common are two kinds of material for 201 and 304. Accounting for 16% 8% of the total amount of steel a Sir, its application in the people economic category is over. Because the steel pipe has a hollow section, and thus the optimum help liquid, gas, and solid pipeline; At the same time and the communication of the weight of round steel, steel pipe cross section coefficient of large, bending torsional strength is big, so also become the important material of all kinds of machines and building layout. Use stainless steel tube bundle into layout and components, environment, equal in weight than solid parts has a larger section modulus. So, stainless steel pipe is a kind of save metal economic cross section steel, it is a highly efficient steel important sector, especially in the oil drilling, refining and transportation and other industries demand is bigger, the geological drilling, chemical industry, the building property, machine property, aircraft and automobile manufacture and boiler and bicycle manufacturing, medical equipment, furniture, etc are also requires a lot of all kinds of steel pipe. With atomic energy, rocket, missile and space increase the growth of new skills, such as stainless steel pipe in the defense 'houses, scientific skills and even more important the position in the economic contribution.

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