Stainless steel screen should be how to design? The three conditions

by:KNK     2020-10-17
Condition one: functional stainless steel screen is the most basic functional space space, create 'lie between and constantly' space effect, make the room decoration function partition is more apparent, and not be too messy. We take the household life as some examples: placed in the bedroom area is lesser stainless steel screen, can make people live each other, each have a relatively intimate atmosphere. In the room with larger area, using screen ark to do partition in order to distinguish between sitting room and dining-room, both reach the purpose of the functional partition, and maintain a connection between them. In addition, if placed in the entrance to the bedroom stainless steel screen, not only can keep out the line of sight of the outside world, and can have the purpose of the porch. It seems that stainless steel screen has various powerful role, as long as the use of well, we can give the use of interior space in different experience. Condition 2: the style is unified design of modern stainless steel screen but given its basic functionality, it should be taken into account and adornment system - with the surrounding environment 。 We design the shape of the stainless steel screen in the specific environment and scale, the need to pay attention to the screen surface appear a relation with false or true. Modern stainless steel screen in the form of flexible, can decorate the classical household environment, also can decorate the fashion KTV hall, if used properly, can play a big role in decoration. We often use the stainless steel screen decorates a style, classic Chinese style, european-style luxury contemporary and contracted, archaize elegant, etc. , these features can be correspond with the style of the integral space. The beauty of stainless steel screen, is the modern and classical culture together, can properly divide the functional area, decorate not only beautify the environment, and improve the overall taste. Condition 3: put the position of stainless steel screen placement is very important, not just from the decoration design need good design should pay attention to traditional geomantic learn from come down early in our country. From the point of view of feng shui, stainless steel screen placement if reasonable, can adjust the aura of the room, stop ShaQi. Also let's take an example, a family room door direct to the balcony, actually this is very bad, will lead to home by air directly outside] To absorb the gas including type, luck, and so on. At a time when we can use the stainless steel screen to solve in the middle of the door and balcony door installation of stainless steel screen can stop the outflow of gas in the home, make the situation be resolved before. The scientific nature of the feng shui has set, we from the medical point of view, slow down the speed of air flow screen, makes into the increase of air more accord with human body blood running speed, so as to make the living look better comfort, would be beneficial to human health. Therefore, in the design of stainless steel screen, put the position of the feng shui problems, also make designers should research. According to the first, believe that designers should be able to know how to design a good stainless steel screen. , of course, but need to pay attention to on design, the material of stainless steel screen and do I also need careful consideration. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next up: the welding of the stainless steel screen method advantages have?
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