Stainless steel screen practical several big functions

by:KNK     2020-10-16
1. Segmentation and spatial orientation function of stainless steel screen is one of the important furniture, interior is often on the prominent position. The wind and the screen is the main function of the screen. With the change of the way of living, the scale of the furniture are increased accordingly, of the screen in indoor decorate also have a certain pattern, generally there are symmetrical and asymmetrical in two ways, the general chair right in the middle of the hall in front of the screen, on both sides and four chairs, two stool or just in the front screen, for the two sides sitting. This is the main functions of the ancient screen. Therefore, the first function is screen walls, it can flexibly dividing space, at the same time has a certain guidance to the space. 2. ZhangMu sexual ZhangMu sex is another function of screen. 'Screen to ZhangMu moon lights, ruthless according to sleeping alone. ', 'best hatred' jiang Chen in southern dynasties of the poem is describing the situation. The ancient screen can be used to separate the internal and external space. In fact, there are many stories happened in after screen. Master in order not to put their own personal show in front of the guests, with screen for reserved ZhangMu implements to separate their private space. 3. Wind wind is one of the functions of screen function. As the name suggests, the screen in the ancient history of wind instruments. Because ancient buildings with brick structure is given priority to, in order to moistureproof, building ventilation is very good, but when it is cold in winter, cold wind to let a person very uncomfortable, then screen placed in the wall of the tuyere as activity, can bypass the wind. 4. Decorate sexual function in the modern, the main function of screen has practical function from the past into a purely decorative function, that is to say, as a kind of visual language, screen being placed directly in our living environment, have the effect of compose ACTS the role of the environment. The meaning of the images from the thematic adornment also becomes pure constructive, pure decorative decoration. Therefore, the main function of modern screen with decorative first, practicability, second, and more emphasis on decoration. 5. Stage decoration function in addition, there is a certain type of screen in the stage art works are used to decorate the stage space, drawing related to the stage background screen type, here it was a moment called stage and screen, such as modern drama stage, modern dance drama stage, the modern drama stage, stage of TV, etc. , which is used to break up a space. Decoration stage background screen is modern is one of the important types of screen, wall screen inside it and public environment and home screen is a significant difference between the two. Modern stage emphasize screen lens flu, in a stage there are a few screen at the same time, we pay attention to the foreground of configuration, pay attention to the whole space of the stage. In a word, modern screen has walked out from the function of the past, re-established is given priority to with person's level of aesthetic appreciation function form, when we are in the design of screen, focus on the material, size, environment, style, color, this is behavior of a whole, rather than simply from the Angle of the screen to think. We are faced with is the problem of environmental art. Therefore, the function of modern screen actually is a miniature of the environmental function. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen collocation gives a different household romance
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