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Stainless steel screen placed indoor play four big functions

by:KNK     2020-10-16
Screen has become a trend in the adornment that occupy the home, the bedroom of classicism multi-purpose screen deco, if not is given priority to with Chinese style design of contemporary bedroom, also can choose Chinese style screen. It is understood that the market is the most common inherited the traditional style of Chinese style screen, various material, according to the materials are mainly wood, bamboo, cloth, is made, iron, glass, etc. , according to the structure has a single fan, fan, folding or connected. Both the traditional colors such as black, white, ash, and colors such as red, yellow, green, for consumers to choose leeway very big. According to the material, technology, price six to one, such as volume, dozens of yuan, one hundred yuan, also have the price of screen. Screen placed indoor, the main disjunctive space, the effect of blocking the line of sight, space can keep the good ventilation and light transmittance, build a 'lie between and close' effect. Modelling chic screen depicting a variety of patterns, flower story, landscapes, figures, etc. , nothing can not be, have very strong adornment sex, rise to beautify the environment, the action of reveal master aesthetic taste. The isolation of screen function: isolation is one of the most basic functions screen. Through space partition, the more obvious functional partition, such as open living room and dining area or study mutually, can use the space in two screen, two Spaces noninterference, each have a quiet atmosphere. And screen pane with space on both sides, top and, don't break the original transparent feeling, create a lie between and constant effect. Screen shielding function: screen can be placed in the place that take the door, to cover the line of sight, not make indoor display is take in everything in a glance. Can also be placed in the room and pile up odds and ends, shielding effect, make a bedroom more beautiful. The height of the screen is slightly higher than the height of the clutter is not lower than the line of sight. Screen of beautification function: in addition to the practical function of partition, screen, screen also play the role of beautification bedroom. For indoor add dignified and elegant feel, deserve to go up in front of screen on both sides or ornamental plant leaves, make the bedroom is full of vitality, appear sweet quiet article by: metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, stainless steel screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: why stainless steel screen on the finished product oil
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