Stainless steel screen masking method of chemical plating characteristics

by:KNK     2020-10-15
Stainless steel screen masking method of plating solution to add a masking effect to the impurity of masking agent, and then the method to eliminate impurities harmful effects. This method does not need to filter the plating solution, and do not need other processing equipment, is a good way to a simple and feasible. Three b brew - such as ammonia Ferric chloride zinc plating solution in the presence of a small amount of steel material, can make the stainless steel screen galvanized layer passivation film gloss is not good. At this time as long as the appropriate improve galvanizing liquid, the content of thiourea in a small amount of copper impurity was masking, adverse effects will soon disappear, sulfate copper plating liquid in the presence of small amounts of arsenic and antimony, can make the plating dark, slightly rough surface, then add gelatin and tannins, as long as can cover these harmful effects. Coke drum phosphorus salt copper plating solution, if there is a small amount of iron impurities affect the coating quality, the masking can add just the right amount of citric acid salt, and if there is a small amount of zinc in the bright nickel plating liquid impurities exist, can make the stainless steel screen a low current density in plating coating dark even black, then add 'NT' as long as the nickel plating liquid impurities masking agent, stirring moment, harmful effects disappear immediately, won the full bright stainless steel screen coating. Neither the masking agent and harmful impurities generated precipitation, also do not need to use other methods, such as activated carbon for further processing, so this is the simplest way of purifying solution. Compared with other metal crafts used in electroplating process, chemical plating has the following characteristics: (1) the thickness of the coating is very uniform, chemical plating solution dispersion force of close to 100%, with no apparent edge effect, is almost a base material in the shape of a copy, so especially suitable for complex shape metal crafts ( Including the cavity, deep holes, blind holes, pipe wall and other metal crafts) Surface plating. Plating method due to uneven power points city limit is hard to do. Due to the chemical coating thickness uniformity, and easy to control, the surface is bright and clean level off, generally does not need after plating processing, suitable for processing parts super bad repair and selective plating. (2) through the sensitization, activation, such as pretreatment, chemical plating can in non-metallic ( Non-conductors) Such as plastic, glass, ceramics and semiconductor materials on the surface, the method can only be on the conductor surface plating, electroplating and chemical plating technology is a useful method of non-metallic surface metallization, is also a nonconductive material plating before conducting at the bottom of the method. (3) process equipment is simple, do not need power supply, transmission system and auxiliary electrodes, operation simply hang workpiece correctly in the plating solution. (4) chemical plating on base material since the catalytic activity of plating, its binding force is superior to commonly. The appearance of the coating has a light or a half light, grain size, density, low porosity, certain chemical plating also has other special physical and chemical properties. Electroplating process, however, has its cannot replace by chemical plating, the advantages of the first can be more variety than deposition of metals and alloys; The second is the prices are much lower than those of chemical plating, mature technology, simple solution is easy to control. Electroless plating solution in the oxidant ( Metal ion) Coexist with reductant and solution stability; And slow deposition rate, higher temperature, solution more troublesome, practical maintenance can be metallized type less. So it is mainly used for non-metallic surface metallization, complex shape parts and need some special performance etc. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: what are the actual effect of stainless steel screen?
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