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Stainless steel screen is put in the different space in the area of the household indoor methods and rendering effects

by:KNK     2020-10-16
Indoor decoration, stainless steel screen, stainless steel checkered get more and more people use and favor, due to its changeful style, shape and color, can naturally into the household of different style, can be seen everywhere. But not literally put or placement can present a good effect, and even sometimes feel a little messed up. So, to buy back the stainless steel screen, stainless steel beautiful case, how to put, put can reflects the role and effect of it? Small make up today and share household indoor space area of different methods and the effect of rendering. Household interior space are generally four areas: the sitting room, bedroom, dining-room, study, then we will according to the stainless steel screen, stainless steel checkered the use of frequency from high to low one by one to share: a, living room, the sitting room is the most important position in the household space, can be said to be the core area of the building, also is the place that reflects family style is home into the first place, so put the stainless steel screen, beautiful case is particularly important, the most can reflect the unique aesthetic taste, a family of stainless steel screen in addition to add the element of a full of individual character for the sitting room, can also be used to separate out at the entrance porch, let a space more organized. If you can in the arhat bed collocation of the sitting room a beautiful hand-painted stainless steel screen, deserve to go up again the curtain of quietly elegant, put a floor lamp with a wooden chimney, achievement a lazy afternoon. Stainless steel screen is blocked some slip in the sunlight, and for the afternoon nap raised a natural barrier, simple elements to create a comfortable and easy and comfortable atmosphere. It can make the space is large sitting room is not empty, also can make the space is little sitting room have emotional appeal. Second, the restaurant has an independent area of the family, in conditions allow, if dining-room area is larger, can put the stainless steel screen as the means of disjunctive space. In predominantly woodiness furniture space, select the chestnut, flaxen stainless steel screen is appropriate, also can choose folding stainless steel screen, it not only can eat hutch is split in two, can also have dinner won't face to face with kitchen appliances, also can resist some lampblack, if dining-room and sitting room as one of the areas, then more need to display screen, beautiful case, reasonable to reflect the primary and secondary points, to find a golden section point, avoid some blind Angle. Three bedroom, bedroom of stainless steel screen, mainly charming, elegant style of stainless steel screen, suitable for hand-painted, big flower, delicate design such as traditional Chinese realistic painting figures to any foil. Usually can put on the bed or the window, also can put in for the position of the balcony, half block half mask, have certain illicit close sex. Stainless steel screen and ground lamp of ancient sweet patina and lithe and graceful window screening, has always been a good match. But don't choose to avoid by all means is too heavy, dark stainless steel screen in the bedroom, it will be completely broken sleep atmosphere, actually have the opposite effect. Four, study now many families have independent study, although the space area may not be too wide mansion, but choose a sleek stainless steel screen in the study, can make the study of temperament is more calm, pure, increase the cultural atmosphere of the study, and stainless steel checkered can design for multi-function, ACTS as a part of the role of the bookshelf, improves the practical effect, particularly wonderful is, in a stainless steel screen, put in the study can be cleared a little space for rest, if have guests also can be used as a guest interest to a place to rest. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: what kinds of welding process of stainless steel screen have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each welding process?
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