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Stainless steel screen decoration design, decoration to create a modern aesthetic feeling

by:KNK     2020-10-14
As part of the indoor furniture, screen is closely related to human activity space, everywhere in the daily family life space can be set. Screen along with the development of the history and the era of change is undergoing great changes. Modern stainless steel screen design should consider its function design, to do with the surrounding environment and decoration. To design the shape of the stainless steel screen in the specific environment and scale, to consider the screen surface appear a relation with false or true. Screen is now often occurs in decorating furniture, a screen, save the chisel wall door, can be expanded into a space two Spaces, looks is not narrow and very beautiful, there are classical temperament, classical temperament and the collocation of modern architecture in modern beauty. Most used is stainless steel screen, stainless steel screen is able to adapt in a variety of styles of decoration, the design of the stainless steel screen is actually very simple, look at the following simple introduction you would understand. Modern screen should have the characteristics of a static, stable, solemn, flow requirements. Modern screen form is flexible, can decorate the classical home, also can decorate the fashion house. Used properly, it will play a big role in the home. Modern home outfit can set all kinds of stainless steel screen, can be used in the living room, hall, dining-room, bedroom, different areas, such as recreational area, study the modern and classical culture together, both can properly divide the functional areas, beautification bedroom, also improved the cultural taste of the family. Stainless steel screen is one of the most basic function is disjunctive space, create a 'lie between and constantly' effect, make indoor more obvious functional partition, and require too much space. In position to place a screen, can make people live each other, each have a relatively intimate atmosphere. In the banqueting hall area is lesser, for example, using screen ark to do partition, distinguish between sitting room and dining-room, both reach the purpose of the functional partition, and maintain a link between them; Put a screen at the entrance to the bedroom, in addition to keep out the line of sight of the outside world, can also play a role of porch. Different families have different needs, use of space such as dining-room area is larger, can use the stainless steel screen the spare room into a study. For housing less well-off family, the characteristics of the block, and beautify the role of stainless steel screen, is more practical significance. The characteristics of stainless steel screen is small and light, you can freely move and varied. Between open living room and dining room, simple screen is split in two, the space in daily life, the activity of two Spaces will no longer interfere with each other and both sides and the top of the screen to set aside space and not destroyed the original transparent feeling, create another shade, and a sense of open space. The door put a screen blocking the passers-by peeking eyes. If around a corner in the bedroom, use enough to cover the bedroom neat part. Settings screen in the bedroom cabinet, concise and practical, can make bedroom sundry eliminate from sight, and can put all kinds of sheet, temporary storage furniture cover up, put it to sleep space is separated, let a bedroom become a pure rest space, and storing the clothes more convenient. If stainless steel screen used for interval, general with enclosed for the stainless steel screen, height should be not less than the line of sight; Such as screen used for corner, can choose transparent or hollow out the screen of the materials, such corner can let a space appear lively and vitality. The height of the screen is too high, it is best not to exceed the height of the average person standing, otherwise the screen of the high center of gravity be unsteady, easily heald oppressive feeling to the person, virtually caused by the user's psychological burden. For home often have guests, be about to notice the individual is the illicit close space, room sofa and bed between the stainless steel screen play an irreplaceable role in space space, sofa, tea table outside screen visitor form a complete recreational area, bed inside screen, recreational couch constitutes the master illicit close morpheus area. Pull open the stainless steel screen, two Spaces can be cut off completely, the line of sight of the visitors can be stopped completely. At the same time the table before the screen is also a soft partition that cannot be ignored, it can and screen echo, collective block absolutely the guest to the curiosity of the space after screen, make sure to maximize the master illicit close space not to be disturbed. Stainless steel screen design and decoration of the house is to coordinate, only in this way can we create a modern home of beauty. Stainless steel screen in the home, whether to use it to separate room, a room into two, or in the living room, is a good choice, cut wall can not only save the cost of the door, also convenient save Labour time &effort. Stainless steel screen design is simple and can decorate a modern aesthetic feeling, is the best choice for you. To change a style for your home, with a stainless steel screen to build modern beauty. With flexible change the physical properties of screen, can change the amount of gas in the house and the direction of the flow, have the function of the flow activation energy. If the window is too large, the use of the screen of the cloth, can cut off part of the light source, to slow the flow of gas, let type or good gas stay inside some of the long time; If use solid surface screen, can change the direction of flow. If the door open position is not very good, and can't change the direction of the door, can put a screen at the entrance of the door in order to form the pattern of a porch, can let the port turn into a swan to accept to flourish. Don't know whether the introduction of small make up have help? Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next up: the benefits of colored stainless steel decoration
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