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Stainless steel screen beautiful patterns can attract the line of sight of people?

by:KNK     2020-10-18
Stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Screen used for indoor, 室内) Isolation and cover, good decoration ( 装饰) Decorate. Rose gold stainless steel screen, stainless steel screen is on the basis of the best stainless steel screen, plating rose gold color, so called rose gold stainless steel screen. For example, for smaller families living space, need to put a visitor interatrial septum into her bedroom, and dual or receive a visitor and a study, can be separated by using stainless steel screen, to obtain a reasonable decorate, use ( 使用) Convenient, comfortable and elegant living environment, 环境) 。 If the living conditions, 挑剑) Well, there is a separate sitting room, in the proper place of the sitting room put a design ( Design) Elegant, rich ornamental value ( 值) The screen, can add the decoration of the room (more 装饰) The United States. If households with things more, and a built-in wardrobe or cupboard, to make the room clean and tidy, can use stainless steel screen insulate the storage ( 存款) Area, so that people can't see the hidden behind the stainless steel screen. Stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Screen can also be located in outside door inlet or outside the door, beautiful patterns using the screen itself to attract the line of sight of people, does not see the interior ( 室内) All, have the effect of curtain ( 角色) 。 Stainless steel partition partition of the bedroom. It not only can be put in the place that take the door, and it also can be put in a proper place of the room, the room is separated into two independent space, can make people live each other, each have a quiet atmosphere, at the same time, the placement of it can have the effect of shading, pile up odds and ends, for home screen can have the effect of cover up. Stainless steel partition screen according to the model can be divided into site type and more door folded type two kinds, the form has transparent, translucent, enclosed and hollow out type, etc. To interval, usually with closed for good, highly in slightly more than one level above the line of sight. To round Angle, can use hollow out, appear lively and angry. If it is used to keep out the line of sight of the past, it is best to screen form 90 degree angles. Can be either folding screen, and can move flexibly placed, simple and easy to make myself ( 使) So get the welcome of people. Screen style is various, have grate, ark posture, window type, folding type, mounted type or grid ark combination and so on. People can according to their own aesthetic interest, room and economic ( 经济) Conditions ( 挑剑) , the choose and buy ready-made bamboo and wood, metal or ceramic screen, can also according to their actual needs, designed ( Design) Make simple scaffolding of the screen. To make ( 使) Can be used bamboo, wood, metal or ceramic screen, choose cloth, cardboard, zhǐ bǎn) , board, bamboo makeup or plastic ( Structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) Screen cloth, etc. According to the needs and interests, on the screen of the appropriate landscape flowers and birds painting, or sculpture ( Is carved, engraved, plastic three methods to create the general) To try to adorn, 润) , more can play its decoration ( 装饰) ( 角色) 。 Should also pay attention to choose the color of the screen, ( 注意) The change of season, summer with cool color advisable, is better to warm in winter. The screen of the device ( 设备) Method, can be casual, but according to room close to try to change, but it must be made to match the overall layout, to achieve harmony and unity, rise to decorate beautification ( 美化) The role of the room. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen is put in the different space in the area of the home interior method and rendering effect
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