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Stainless steel partition and partition of aluminum alloy

by:KNK     2020-10-18
Partition function initially defined as the name implies is used to separate the space, make indoor space can be better used, but with the development of the partition decoration industry, the update of technology material, partition also has the function and characteristic of the looser and more, in the division of space at the same time also decorate beautification effect of space environment. Partition contrasts the advantage of the traditional decoration is sound insulation, lighting, fire prevention, environmental protection, easy to install and use again and again. Partition decoration has most are used in office buildings, fairs, size conference room, hall, hotel multi-function hall, high-grade villas, the place such as colleges and universities, Banks and hospitals, these places are basically accounted for the vast majority of the partition of the current market. The kinds of partition on the market at present there are a lot of, like aluminum alloy partition partition and partition, the whole plate, stainless steel screen, etc. , is one of the most common aluminum alloy stainless steel partition and partition. Stainless steel partition is actually the glass partition, partition with aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy partition and partition of stainless steel what is the difference between them, the owners at the time of decoration should be how to choose? Art experts gaussian partition to you, the stainless steel is also belong to the partition of a glass partition, is the framework with stainless steel glass partition, compared with other materials of high hardness, art is dismountable gaussian stainless steel partition is finished partition wall, it will fit the structure stability and convergent, repetitive use and fire intensity is very high. Aluminum alloy made after effect is also very beautiful and the material can be reused. Is the biggest difference between them: for the product, the difference between a general partition of stainless steel products on the market in structure, convergent, repeated use and fire prevention, etc. These aspects has a gap, so some partition may be unable to repeat use of stainless steel. And partition the wide variety of aluminum alloy, can let the combination, can be free to choose according to the customer request. So when selecting a broken insulation products partition is to pay special attention to, can use the partition of new materials and new technology company to a great extent, make up for the general defects of market products, give you more freedom to choose. Articles by: stainless steel partition foshan metal products co. , LTD provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: modern decoration of stainless steel screen
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