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Stainless steel grille way of daily maintenance

by:KNK     2020-10-16
Because the steel grid board is a new kind of engineering materials, is widely applied to many fields, such as metallurgy, energy sector, and bridge, highway guardrail, etc, are used. But such a seemingly ordinary, but very important material, what is its daily maintenance way? What about service life? The following solutions to these two problems, respectively. Daily maintenance of steel grid plate is critical, and to use for a long time, it is have some skills of maintenance, need to get into the habit of regularly to clean up and to check on a regular basis, when maintenance is, is to be able to prolong service life, maintenance methods are as follows: in normal, need to maintain the cleanness of grating, not covered with all kinds of dirt, especially some corrosive residue, never on the grid. Fixed by bolt steel grille plate, often need to check and pay attention to the bolt looseness is there, if there is a hidden trouble, such as, sometimes need to handle in time. If I found on the surface of the steel grid plate galvanized layer, when no need to besmear brushs antirust paint for processing in a timely manner. When do these is to prolong the service life of steel grille plate, but it is how long life? So hot dip galvanized steel grille plate, such as down when used in dry environment, generally to be able to use in seven hundred and eighty, is no problem. Like to use the words in the harsh environment, there will be two hundred and thirty years of life, so for different environment, life will be different. Therefore, different regions to use, service life is also different, such as coastal areas, in 20 years or so commonly, if the surface of the steel grid plate is not wear much, time can grow a bit. While some mainland drought less rain, air humidity and is very small, very little corrosive medium, its service life is longer than in the coastal area. Also, of course, and apply related, so the chemical industry, corrosion resistance is very strong, it will shorten the life of a. In addition, indoor and outdoor usage also is distinguishing. To the problem of the two people if they have arrived, also know a basic situation, the steel grid plate when the choice, can better to choose suitable grid products. Articles by: stainless steel grille metal products co. , LTD. Foshan city provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note: next article design stainless steel screen partition which should be paid attention to the point
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