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Stainless steel grille folding screen type like elegant flavor

by:KNK     2020-10-14
As is known to all imports of Chinese style decorates porch is family, is the important place of first impression after open the door, is also the usual family access point, thus reasonable planning, refined decoration, the window of porch is not only show the owner life class, there are also must have a useful function. Thus planner fine also often appears in this fine. Its planning form is varied. TongTouShi: a, glass is a big glass for decoration isolation, or act the role of gush arenaceous glass is embedded at the plate cover, embossing, such as glass, transparent material, both to space large space, and to adhere to the integrity of the entire space stainless steel grille type folding screen, stainless steel grille folding screen type: can be made different beautiful case on the basis of their favorite pictures of void, metal grille plate, both like elegant flavor, can happen again and fully implicit complementary role. Three, low ark interval type: put a nice short in front of the gate to limit space, the small cabinets can also be as a shoe or store other items, have the function of divisional space again. Four, half open and half hidden: lower interval is completely cover type planning. On both sides of the interval shade cannot connect fully, open top, smallpox ceiling through connected to each other. The interval of half open and half hidden wall height mostly l. 5 m, after the line height change, selection of metope hang buy to wall act the role ofing or aluminum reliefs, ZhuangXiuWu placement, and then reach the dense artistic effect. Articles by: stainless steel grille metal products co. , LTD. Foshan city provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen of the main purposes and adornment effect
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