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Stainless steel furniture rusted

by:KNK     2020-09-02

believes that many people met this situation, it is use stainless steel furniture, use after a period of time had rusted. Actually a lot of people are misled by the word of stainless steel, stainless steel furniture also will rust, is only relative to the other metal materials are less easy to rust. We found rust stainless steel furniture must be handled in time, the process of stainless steel rust is the process of oxidation, oxidation can spread slowly, if not timely processing of rust scope will be getting larger. 1, if the time is not a long look at can and factory negotiate, after all stainless steel factory is a professional cleaning tools, cleaning up very quickly and easily. 2, of course, if rust stainless steel furniture is not large, grinding, wire drawing, polishing machine does not buy very value, so it is recommended to use alkaline, chlorinated alkali or detergent containing bleach, cleaning. Then you need to clean up part of the stainless steel furniture clean with clear water and dry it as soon as possible. After drying equipment, natural drying, because oxygen can protect the passivity of stainless steel thin film. 3, if the need to remove rust, first of all, we should pay attention to the surface of the stainless steel furniture is a mirror or a drawing. If it is ok with some drawing, from the factory to buy some wire cloth, after a hard things first, or buy a grinding machine for grinding. Then in wire drawing with wire cloth, it is important to note the direction of the wire drawing, don't cross wire drawing of stainless steel products, vertical stripes of silk, so the surface will be as good as new. As for the mirror, the need to purchase a polishing machine, after the grinding surface polishing, but manual polishing effect is not good, you have a mental preparation. Actually is difficult to solve for surface treatment of stainless steel furniture, surface with a layer of titanium, green bronze, black plastic spraying, such as color, if need to deal with rust, will drop, the color of the rusty part is just floating on the surface of a layer of protective film. Of course because of the reason of these protective film, the plating color of the stainless steel furniture also more not easy to rust. If just because of reasons such as scratch knock against, crackle rust, more careful in dealing with a rusty parts, as far as possible to reduce damage to the rest of the color, and then lost in through other ways such as paint fill color.

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