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Stainless steel furniture rust or not?

by:KNK     2020-09-09

stainless steel stainless steel furniture are all proclaimed in the market now is not rusty, metal products, stainless steel furniture be he really will not rust? In fact is not, it will rust, also can wear, just not easy to rust, not easy to wear. In life we should be how to avoid the stainless steel furniture does not rust? First we buy stainless steel furniture, do not place it in a wet place, product potential don't use wet cloth to wipe it, when to wipe furniture, try not to let a wet cloth to the metal parts, or stainless steel or paint will be very easy to rust. At ordinary times can apply rust inhibitor on stainless steel furniture, can effectively play the role of rust. If have rust stainless steel furniture, can wipe with neutral oil, but cannot use sand paper burnish, can use oil or cotton cloth to wipe brush where there is rust, wiped a few times later, can effectively remove the rust.

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