Stainless steel furniture quotation method is introduced

by:KNK     2020-09-03

offer basically see what type of stainless steel furniture, is a kind of pure stainless steel of the quotation and other products, stainless steel furniture need what processing way, and then combined with materials, processing methods, artificial, profits. Complex could be tens of thousands of, hundreds of is simple. If it is stainless steel with glass, wood, marble and so on offer you will need to divided into two parts, is not the same way, after all, the quotation of stainless steel and other materials. Below we together to learn about the stainless steel furniture price way. Stainless steel furniture offer ways to introduce 1, pure stainless steel furniture, pure stainless steel furniture offer if it is customized, need to provide a lot of accurate information. Graph paper: plan elevation profile details, material material: stainless steel 201, 304,
316 iron plate galvanized sheet, the thickness of the material: the actual thickness of 0. 5MM- 20 mm, surface: mirror wire drawing, technical requirements, full of resistance spot welding, yan color: electroplating water paint spray plating
( According to customer sample or we provide color sample) , simple packing: packed in wooden cases or pearl cotton + + foam sealing box ( Three-ply board) Mainly affects the cost: material thickness of the material process requirement color
please explain customer as far as possible. Avoid can't accurate quotation. 2, the combination of stainless steel furniture, combination of stainless steel furniture quotation, stainless steel parts can be based on the above understanding. Other part should looking is what product, usually at the bottom of stainless steel furniture is made of stainless steel, only some will choose to use marble mesa, glass, wood, etc. , the material is common developed area valuation method, price method is a kind of custom furniture is price methods refined to a method of each material. Then in addition to get the final price. The above two is stainless steel furniture offer way, often to understand the details of the stainless steel furniture quotation, you can directly find the manufacturer of custom, consulting relevant matters. Manufacturers need to provide what information, can understand directly with customers, customers have to do is tell stainless steel furniture factory. In addition, different regions is different because the water and electricity, the rent, artificial, prices can also lead to difference, so if it is found that there are differences between the two factories in different parts of the quotation also need not doubt, according to the price to choose the appropriate manufacturer.

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