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Stainless steel furniture processing production process is introduced

by:KNK     2020-09-01

- stainless steel furniture processing production process contains material selection> Sheet metal processing -> Surface treatment, the three steps is all mainstream stainless steel furniture will pass. Material including according to the customer's budget and the actual usage, on the choice of raw material type, sheet metal processing contains all stainless steel furniture stainless steel parts processing, surface treatment by mirror, wire drawing, titanium plating, bronze do old way, the stainless steel surface is more beautiful. Especially rose gold, titanium, green bronze, black titanium, are stainless steel furniture is often used in processing of the three. Stainless steel furniture production process in detail 1, the first is the material of stainless steel plate from the material to the thickness on the surface to have a lot of different specifications, including stainless steel furniture USES mainly by two kinds of 201 and 304. 304 of the more expensive, but the surface more bright, strong corrosion resistance are also more, simple is more beautiful and durable, high-grade stainless steel furniture usually choose 304 stainless steel. 201 just a few, but it is also under the condition of stainless steel if the environment is not very damp, also can use five or six years. As for the thickness is not as thick as possible, too thick will be cumbersome, and the price is high, there is no need for furniture, so choose the appropriate thickness is the most important thing. As for commonly used the surface of the mirror and wire drawing machine has two, like a mirror mirror is a stainless steel surface, the effect of drawing is have a lot of fine lines, also looks very beautiful. 2 involves processing, sheet metal processing, this section is more, if you have to use pipes. Some arc or circle hollow stainless steel furniture will need to cut pipe, pipe bending processing, to ensure that the hollow plank can weld on it. If you don't need by shear plate, plane trough, bending, the stainless steel plate production ChengXiang to keel, u-shaped slot, l-shaped slot. So do many hollow stainless steel furniture are fixed to hollow out of stainless steel plate, the fixed position is a portion of the sheet metal processing. On stainless steel plate, pipe, bar, flat steel processing, welding, grinding, create beautiful stainless steel furniture. 3, titanium plating, bronze do old, plastic spraying this part is mainly aimed at need stainless steel furniture surface processing with different colours, for example, a lot of people like rose gold, titanium, titanium black, champagne gold are both through the processing of titanium coating formed on stainless steel furniture surface. Old bronze do is in the form a layer on the surface of stainless steel furniture such as green bronze, red bronze color restoring ancient ways, usually a lot of Chinese style furniture is to use this color. Coating use most is white and black, and form a layer of sand blasting effect in surface. The above content is the machining process for stainless steel furniture, under normal circumstances, the process according to the different style will be different. Because today's stainless steel furniture besides can buy products directly at ordinary times, there are a lot of customized products. Especially now many stainless steel mills will choose and furniture factory cooperation, provide their own stainless steel parts processing, whether the whole or partial, has the different design style, the processing method.

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