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Stainless steel furniture processing and construction of related knowledge

by:KNK     2020-07-26

we know that the stainless steel has been gradually covered homes, all knowledge of stainless steel furniture also more and more interested in, then science for everyone some stainless steel furniture processing and the construction of the knowledge, hope to be able to play the role of knowledge reserve for you. At the same time, may be at home during the processing of the stainless steel furniture, can effectively avoid some shouldn't have happened. And construction are mainly stainless steel processing, deep processing of Drawing, friction generating heat using pressure, high heat resistance and stainless steel kinds of processing after the end of at the same time should get rid of the surface of oil. Before welding, welding should be thoroughly get rid of harmful to welding of rust, oil, water, paint, etc. , selected suitable electrode steel grade. From spot welding time shorter than carbon steel welding spacing, get rid of stainless steel brush should be used when welding slag. After welding, in order to prevent the local corrosion or intensity drops, dealing with the surface of ground treatment or cleaning. Cutting, stamping, due to the high strength stainless steel than ordinary materials, so the punching and shearing need higher pressure, and a knife and knife gap accurately can not occur when the shear and work hardening, had better use plasma or laser cut, when to use gas cutting or arc cutting, grinding was carried out on the heat affected zone and the need for heat treatment. Bending processing: thin plate bending to 180, but in order to reduce the surface crack with radius of 2 times the thickness of the best size, the plate along the rolling direction to 2 times the radius of thickness, and rolling vertical bending to 4 times the thickness of the radius is necessary, especially at welding, in order to prevent cracking deal with welding processing zone in surface grinding. Stainless steel processing and construction, and construction attention points in order to prevent scratches and pollutants, the paster state under the stainless steel construction. But with the extension of time, the paste liquid residue to use time limit for the sticker, get rid of sticker should carry on the surface after washing, construction and use of special stainless steel tools, and general steel clean utility tool, in order not to let the iron stick should be cleaned. Stainless steel processing and construction should pay attention not to let strong corrosive magnetic and stone luxury clean with drugs come into contact with the surface of stainless steel, if the contact should be immediately when washing. After the construction application of neutral detergent and water washing, the blues until the surface of cement.

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