Stainless steel furniture of environmental protection

by:KNK     2020-07-25

we have been advocating environmental protection. Now buy furniture people advocate environmental protection furniture, especially for board type furniture, people tend to release for fear of formaldehyde exceeds bid to buy easily. Some good family economic conditions in order to environmental protection, directly choose real wood furniture. However, some space is not suitable for use in the bedroom furniture of real wood material, such as kitchen and dining-room, cooking dinner often occurred due to the oil and wine spill, if use or table, solid wood cabinet will shorten its service life and the destruction of the beautiful sex. The stainless steel material, with its innate advantages to make up for other furniture material does not have defects. 1, formaldehyde-free pollution, no paint falls off, does not fear the bug eat by moth, not afraid of wet deformation, no smell,
belongs to the green environmental protection products. 2, durable, stainless steel furniture is not easy to damage, like other furniture in terms of quality must be better than glass board type furniture, furniture and stainless steel on the service life is much longer than other furniture, the service life of the general stainless steel furniture is in more than five years, than plate, solid wood furniture, long service life. No deformation and no cracking due to climate change. 3, elegant, unique shape, avant-garde style, show a strong personal style, these are often the woodiness furniture is difficult to compare and match
. 4, low price is real wood, the decorate the home for the family of light, witty and creative, is a bargain. Stainless steel furniture with a green and renewable, good maintenance three bright spots. 5, renewable use, for old stainless steel furniture. Can be recycled to surface treatment in order to achieve the purpose of the renovation; For discarded stainless steel furniture can be recycled to the metal smelter re-melted out various shapes of steel; For stainless steel furniture manufacturing process of leftover bits of material can be recycled and smelting. From the perspective of environmental protection, stainless steel furniture is one of the developing direction, because it can replace the wood shortage. Besides, the metal is not easy to bad things, as long as you do not have fatigue, you can use it for a lifetime. Not easy fatigue stainless steel furniture furniture is the important role of masculinity in the home, now of the stainless steel furniture is becoming more and more good, go for a walk on the market, will find many stainless steel furniture unique shape, avant-garde style, show a strong personal style, and these are often the woodiness furniture is difficult to compare.

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