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Stainless steel furniture finger mark how to scrub

by:KNK     2020-09-03

stainless steel furniture is now very popular, many places are more excellent than the traditional solid wood furniture. Only is touch at ordinary times, especially to the sweat after touching, leaves fingerprints. These fingerprints on stainless steel furniture is very ugly, especially in some mirror reflection effect is particularly good on the furniture. The key is to don't know how to wash, also worry that leave a mark in the surface of stainless steel table, instead of the brush the ugly. Actually less vulnerable stainless steel furniture, stainless steel furniture finger mark scrub rise very convenient also, let's look at below. First select a non abrasive cleaning cloth. Stainless steel is easy to produce scratches, even if is to use a mild cleaning and scrubbing pad will damage the surface of the door. Relatively using superfine fiber cloth and is better than no cotton flannel, because they seldom on the stainless steel fiber surface damage. Then you can also use the towel to better clean stainless steel door protection. , if you think it is necessary to add favorite cleaner with microfiber cloth clean the surface of the door, and then with a paper towel to wipe the stainless steel door. In clean stainless steel door, pay attention to the small gap is not easy to observe and hidden stains have to be clean and timely, in order to avoid a long time, back to clean again, will increase the workload and increase the difficulty. Stainless steel is easy to have fingerprints, you can try some simple alkaline substance, such as: surface alkali baking soda and so on, because fingerprints is caused by the hands of the oily substance, alkaline substances can break down fat, you give it a try, I often use. Stainless steel furniture easily left finger mark happen often, if you think daily scrub up too much trouble, can be considered in a fingerprint resistant stainless steel furniture surface to deal with. Can do a lot of knowledgeable people know that the stainless steel furniture oil grinding ways such as is not easy to leave fingerprints, it is a method for adding a layer of oil on the surface of stainless steel protective film, the method of grinding through this protective film will be a lot of oily substance isolation. Not only can prevent left finger mark, can isolate various oily substance and is very convenient. 。

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