Stainless steel furniture common processing ways

by:KNK     2020-08-31

stainless steel home with a pure stainless steel, stainless steel with a pair of material such as glass, marble, wood, the process of different raw material processing method is different also. Single stainless steel to theory, using the current mainstream stainless steel furniture style, we can know expired common handling process including laser cutting, cutting board, planing trough, bending, welding, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel, stainless steel punching bending tube shrinkage tube, stainless steel plate bending, grinding, polishing, wire drawing, surface treatment, such as technology, can say is very complex, the following is for common stainless steel furniture processing method were introduced simply. 1, laser cutting, cutting board, stainless steel furniture plane trough, bending: the four kinds of processing way is put together, mainly because it is the basis of the sheet metal processing and processing way, is also often used to process the craft of making stainless steel furniture. The laser cutting of stainless steel plate can be hollow out the variety of beautiful decorative pattern, also can undertake cutting cutting processing. Cutting board can be a whole piece of stainless steel plate cutting into the size of the need to bend these materials can be converted into required profile. As for the use of the planer slot is for stainless steel plate, after the plane slot on bending processing, can be placed when bending because of thickness of the R Angle, affect beautiful. 2, stainless steel furniture bent: these mainly for stainless steel tube as the main material of stainless steel furniture, a lot of stainless steel furniture, especially tea table often used stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plank bent, turning it into round, semicircle. 3, stainless steel furniture, welding, grinding, polishing, wire drawing, the four stainless steel processing, can say is needed by every stainless steel furniture, each stainless steel by means of welding the parts together. And then through the way of polishing burnish of welding when the welding scar, then according to the stainless steel surface is drawing or adopted by drawing or mirror polishing, to ensure that the welding place and other stainless steel parts will not appear on the surface of the differences. 4, mirror stainless steel furniture surface treatment technology: mirror bright stainless steel surface treatment: according to the complexity of the stainless steel products and user requirements is different respectively by mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemistry polishing method to achieve bright luster. Wire drawing process, drawing technology is a kind of metal processing technology. In metal pressure processing. Under the action of external force force through metal mold, metal cross-sectional area is compressed, cross sectional area and obtain the required shape and size of technology processing method called metal wire drawing process. Titanium plating technology: it is in the high temperature, vacuum titanium in furnace, titanium and zirconium metal. Use inert gas glow discharge made of metal or alloy steam ionization of ion accelerated by electric field and deposit the negatively charged on the stainless steel plate, so as to form a metal film with rich colour and lustre is gorgeous. The color of the current mainstream including rose gold, titanium, titanium black, champagne gold, such as color, plating titanium processing can be used and wire drawing, mirror superposition. The above content is the process of the stainless steel furniture manufacturer, which just introduce the stainless steel parts, of course, if you are interested in can continue to pay attention to our website, we will be aiming at the problem of various kinds of stainless steel furniture processing way of detailed introduction and solutions.

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