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Stainless steel furniture at ordinary times what problem should note

by:KNK     2020-07-27

stainless steel furniture into everyone's vision gradually in recent years, its with simple maintenance, easy to clean and get the favour of people. Today small make up take you to go to know about the stainless steel furniture, how to maintain? Stainless steel furniture is hard, so when you put on flat ground, if you want to move it, will it lift off the ground, to prevent scratch floor and furniture. Stainless steel furniture should pay attention to clean regularly, to stay away from chemical corrosive liquid at ordinary times, do not put in damp or direct sunlight environment, so as not to affect the service life of it. At ordinary times not to be too hot in the stainless steel furniture and other sharp or rough texture of things and don't put on stainless steel furniture, prevent scratch furniture. The maintenance of stainless steel furniture is actually very simple, but also cannot ignore some details, small make up today is to introduce you to so much, if you want to custom stainless steel stainless steel furniture, please feel free to consulting foshan furniture factory.

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