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Stainless steel file cabinet commonly used size is introduced

by:KNK     2020-07-27

about filing cabinets, the first thought is growing up with our memory of wooden furniture, as a child in the home also have views on the old wooden cabinets, but as time goes on, is now gradually broken. Along with the progress of the stainless steel material technology, in terms of hardness, anticorrosion, colour, the plastic has made considerable development, stainless steel file cabinet also come into our office environment. 1, product description: product name: _ steel stainless steel file cabinet general specification: 950 * 500 * 1800 mm two-door five floors, 950 * 500 * 1800 mm
four six layers. ( Can also be customized non-standard) 。 Full of non-magnetic stainless steel material, double open the door, 4 layer board, points 5 upper layer or two lower, 5 layer board, 6 layer, apply to food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers and laboratories, and other places office storage file data. 2, performance and characteristics: refers to the use of stainless steel as the main raw material by the sheet metal processing and living supplies, industrial supplies, medical supplies and other collectively, its products excellent gloss, strong corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, acid and alkali resistant and durable. The use of stainless steel products is more and more frequent? The reason is that stainless steel products look beautiful? Nowadays the development of printing technology? On the surface of the stainless steel decorative pattern also more and more? To further meet the needs of the people? And the intensity of the stability, corrosion resistance of stainless steel and also meets the need of industry. 3, 201, 304 or 316 l stainless steel in different applications: stainless steel products in general with 316 l series, acid and alkali resistant food hygiene level of SUS304, usually with the 201 series. Series 201, widely used in all aspects of life, the stainless steel products in the home are 201 series such as cabinets, trash can, meet the requirements of the GMP certification require SUS304 stainless steel products and 316 l series. Above is the foshan stainless steel processing company to introduce the size the related content of the stainless steel file cabinets, the company specializing in the production processing stainless steel decoration products, if necessary, please contact phone number: 13811950388.

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