Stainless steel decorative charm of space

by:KNK     2020-11-07
With the development of the stainless steel screen industry, household adornment style tends to diversity, stainless steel decorative screen in more and more used in the design of different scene, bear the adornment space and divide the space function of the important information. Stainless steel hollow out screen, with a laser hollow stainless steel case grain, tend to design complex, processing cost will be higher, but repeated fold into a fine pattern, can make the screen more ornamental, make the space more have administrative levels feeling. Stainless steel screen won't produce corrosion, pitting corrosion or wear and tear, because the stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it can create structures, permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design. Meet the needs of architects and structural designers, maintain lasting effect. The built-in sealing strip, have the effect of noise and dust. Stainless steel products in production process does not need to use glue, does not produce peculiar smell. With framed glass door, glass door, solid wood door frameless matching funds use, and can be made into a single or double open the door open. The choice of door lock have pressure fantasy or otherwise a variety of different styles. Role in the design of stainless steel cultural traditional architectural decoration design style is also very need to pay attention to the collocation of light and shadow, also is what we call the space collocation have administrative levels feeling. This kind of development philosophy in decorate management, especially the performance of the new Chinese style main form is: the use of different kinds of stainless steel screen partition for clever space system function. Space of the 'soft' partition is to ensure the privacy and let the space environment become more fully, it pays attention to have a connection with China's feng shui. In an article: the unique charm of stainless steel screen next article: stainless steel screen contracted style
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