Stainless steel checkered craft parsing

by:KNK     2020-10-16
Stainless steel checkered is these two years popular partition of a new type of indoor and outdoor decoration products, mainly make to order. Everyone in the process of design planned, with indoor and outdoor decoration style is unified, the effect of collocation also wants to coordinate, in person is a process. And the stand or fall of craft is also determines the price. The way we choose stainless steel lattice, the first is the selected style, mainly European style, Chinese style style, classic and modern style, etc. Chinese stainless steel checkered is stainless steel pipe welding, the formation of Chinese compasses, the shape of a square, looks simple, pervious to light, rich stereo feeling, suitable Yu Datang, Windows. Europe type style, gives prominence to the soft lines, with the patterns of the curves is given priority to, its plane visual effect is very good, is suitable decoration to the indoor partition. Classical and modern style is mainly reflected in the surface texture and color choices, such as; Red bronze, green bronze, these are all reflect the classical charm. There are usually two kinds of surface process: One is a mirror, one kind is drawing. Mirror will mean surface polishing into a reflective mirror effect; Drawing by drawing grinder, grinding stainless steel surface into a a hairline. Stainless steel mirror reflective effect is better than drawing, but easily scratched, the wear resistance of the stainless steel wire drawing is better. Often mirror mainly used in outdoor. Drawing mainly used in indoor. Stainless steel beautiful case is made of stainless steel is known to all, so on the surface of the stainless steel checkered how color is it? In fact most of the colors are electroplating tinting, said electroplating below us. Plating is plated stainless steel checkered as cathode, through direct current plating solution in the cation on the surface of the stainless steel checkered precipitation, generate electricity coating the metal cover. Electroplating anode and sometimes want to plating metal are the same, sometimes is insoluble anode. Precipitation on the use of soluble anode, cathode cation unceasingly by the anodic dissolution to complement, slot in the metal ion concentration is constant. The latter is the solution of cation precipitation on the cathode, but not by the anode metal ions, so to keep the plating solution concentration, added must be conducted from the outside. Note: before electroplating electroplating before plating surface of mechanical polishing. In as a pretreatment of mechanical polishing method, is the most widely used: for smooth running wheel polishing, belt polishing below; For small workpiece with drum polishing; And can form a flat surface wire brush method, liquid honing method, etc. If polishing oils used in the attachment on the plating parts, is particularly harmful to electroplating, must be degreased before plating processing. In addition, in the air generated on the surface of metal oxide film, seriously affects the adhesion of plating. The oxide film can soluble in dilute acid or potassium cyanide in aqueous solution, such as used in these aqueous solution before electroplating dipping a period of time, after washing, in the condition of surface is wet, put it in the plating tank in the plating. When plating metal and base metal atoms are arranged not significantly at the same time, the contact surface, the phenomenon of the combination of bad, bad adhesion. Especially in mechanical polishing, when machining metamorphic layer on the surface to produce more thick, it's easy to have a bad adhesion phenomenon, so should get rid of surface processing metamorphic layer, and to use atomic arrangement, though there are differences but not hardened metal as an intermediary for electroplating. To be fully washed after plating. Will happen if insufficient water, caused by corrosion of plating solution. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, beautiful case provided, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: decorative stainless steel checkered should consider more the choice of its surface
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