Stainless steel and the combination of classical furniture

by:KNK     2020-09-01

annatto furniture or's favorite annatto furniture collection, enough to reflect the Chinese furniture will be a lot of person selected object in the future. Forward to the Oriental verve, is looking forward to the life, the climate that occupy the home, in those days the ning god meditation. In the era of the Ming and qing dynasties, interior design has a very important specification is 'appropriate'. One is for people adjust measures to local conditions, the other is appropriate Jane unfavorable numerous, 3 it is to should be natural not carve. Natural, simple, simple is the highest standard of interior design, in fact, such a design idea and the idea of modern minimalism happen to coincide. Pay attention to dimensional space, big beautiful words, elephant invisible. Enough to reflect the Chinese furniture in the future will be a lot of person selected object. Oriental verve, of primitive simplicity of Chinese style household is the annatto furniture collection hot now favored by many people. Is the life of longing that act, the climate that occupy the home, in those days the ning god meditation. Bottom to build a harmonious and comfortable wind household China? How to meet the modern young people on the Chinese love of the wind? 1: simple line of tie-in harmony of Chinese and western, pairs of round-backed armchair or officer cap chair and bright modern sofa, put in the sitting room, the seat of Chinese style and western-style sofa of peaceful coexistence, embodies rich period flavor. Fine workmanship of the classical officer cap chair, not only create the Oriental charm, and both practical function. The coordination of complementary, make whole bedroom all give prize. 2: the ancient beauty furniture design elegant case or table instead of the tea table, a lot of people like to use their elegant. This approach tends to receive unexpected results. The case of Chinese style is used more carving decoration, very grand atmosphere; And pay attention to more radical furniture in the table, such as: hall square table usually use good hardwood, modelling sedate solemn, do manual work is careful, the adornment of heavy and complicated. Desktop width is usually 1 m or so, this is ancient Chinese etiquette social scale, put in hall hall, very atmosphere, can stable living condition. With Europe type sofa or antique box as a sitting room design, effect is good. 3: there are changes in the symmetry: more symmetrical balance, conservative Chinese style design. Decorate colour to simple sedate, the overall effect and overcautious, compasses, easy to be active. Improved approach is symmetrical balance in seeking change; With color adds window, make the finishing point, emphasize the lively angry: materials also break through the traditional scope of materials, the introduction of glass and stainless steel lamps and lanterns, the effect of the changes is light shan there is steady, the beauty of the modern and traditional. 4: wall are used: the typical Chinese style space very much pay attention to 'partition', will introduce a new type of stainless steel, made of stainless steel partition, forming two natural transition of the space, the purpose of partition is not really want to turn off the space. A reminder and implication. Usually the partition is separated and continuously 'in the Chinese style household green safe, ground cover, stainless steel screen
stainless steel rich ancient frame, the curtain is one of the most common used to make the furniture of partition, not only' lie between and constantly 'is more thick and decorative, modern improved practices, by repeatedly, stainless steel walls have been widely used.

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