Soft furniture of choose and buy skills

by:KNK     2020-08-18

in recent years, the software is more and more popular with young consumers in furniture, because the soft furniture is sponge as the main body of furniture, like a hammock, sofa and so on, these furniture not only looks beautiful, and very comfortable to use, so the soft furniture in the market share is more and more big, become the trend of furniture. But there are many different kinds of soft furniture on the market, let a person see more dazzling, don't know how to choose, the following will introduce soft furniture of choose and buy skills. 1, soft furniture when trying to choose first to note is the use of furniture, cushions, and the framework of the fabric material. Within reasonable purchase and we must indicate the material what we buy furniture, and don't appear confusing situation, such as leather sofa, be sure to indicate is full or half leather sofa leather sofa, in order to avoid sales staff with half a pretend to be all leather sofa leather sofa so as to make the consumers' rights and interests are violated. Framework common main have Chinese catalpa wood, oak wood, northeast China ash, birch, etc. , and the connection part of the furniture had better use mortise and tenon joint structure is better. Furniture padding also should meet the national standards, sponge density is larger, and sponge resilience is better. At the same time, furniture fabric is better, don't easy to wire drawing, not easy to loose. 2, if we choose the furniture is sofa, we can move the diagonal part of sofa, hard look at whether there shaking or creaking noise, if appear that structure is not strong. 3, if the soft furniture of choose and buy the hammock, with attention to the strength of the spring mattress filling materials and fabrics. Spring strength depends on the steel wire using steel grade, steel grade, the higher the better, better materials for manganese steel; Filling materials have cotton blanket ( Or chemical fibber blanket) And the palm, the permeability of cotton blanket is good, the strength of the chemical fiber felt better; Fabrics choose the cloth with anti mite processing is better. 4, check the interior of the soft furniture material to see if there are signs of mildew, bug eat by moth, as well as to observe the underlay of furniture is in line with the mature industry standards and environmental requirements.

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