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Series furniture special tips to avoid leaving the water droplets in surface

by:KNK     2020-09-05

united home ambry door plank aftercare points 1, stop the water soak into the door plank, time is long will lead to the distortion. 2, door hinges and shake handshandle appears loose, real-time mediation or notice must be given to professional maintenance personnel. 3, solid wood door plank can use furniture wax water clean nursing, crystal door plank can use flannelette with warm water or neutral cleaning agent is wiped. Unify ambry door plank furniture clean point 1, paint door plank remember not soluble purificant. 2, all benzene solvent and resin solvent cleaning agent for panel. 2, unify the international household cabinet cabinet put oneself in another's position and nurse clean related unify household cabinet cabinet put oneself in another's position adjust the bearing capacity of point 1, which is generally not as ark, so on suitable arrangement of battle contained in the light of items, such as flavor pot cup, heavy unify household have launched on the ark. 2, vessels should add after washing clean, dry out attention to need to put the vessel. 3, in ambry hardware application of dry cloth to wipe, unify the furniture out tips to stop water leaving the water stay in appearance. 4, digest the tank can be beforehand with filaments pocket live inside box, guard against food crumbs and tiny particles plug the pipe. Unify furniture cabinet cabinet put oneself in another's position is clean point 1, each time cleaning tank, the filter box together on the tip of the tube of the neck after cleaning, in order to avoid permanent extraction of thick oil sludge build up. 2, if the oil dirties permanent will gather in the sink, the pipe, not easy to wash and then try to pour some kitchen to oil in the tank cleaning agent, and then washed with hot water, then with cold water. Ambry mesa clean and aftercare three, unify the international home ambry mesa aftercare associated 1, should stop the hot pot, hot pot directly fought with ambry, best can in POTS on the shelf. 2, manipulation should just stop using powerful items in tapping, door plank, mesa to avoid scratches. , no matter choose what kind of table should be on the chopping block cut food digest food, besides can stop leave scar, also can do a better clean sanitation. 3, generally the mesa material, there are air bubbles and deviation, if coloured liquid penetrant will cause stains or discoloration, and therefore series furniture household staff tips should stop or dye hair dye directly in a table. 4, chemical erosion, deal with many material is not promise. Parables, stick to a salt of stainless steel mesa have probably rusty, so at ordinary times should pay attention to check the article such as capped directly on the table. 5, man-made plank ambry should stop water stranded on the table for a long time. Ambry mesa clean 1, artificial stone, and stainless steel ambry of avoid by all means with hard wool cloth, steel wire ball, chemical cleaning or remaining steel brush, with a soft towel, soft microfiber cloth wipe water or with burning shuo agent, or you will cause scratches or erosion. 2, the ambry of fire prevention board material available for household cleaning agent, nylon brush or nylon ball to wipe, then use a hot towel to wipe, KTV sofa, finally with dry cloth to wipe. 3, natural stone countertops, appropriate USES soft microfiber cloth can't use toluene kind of cleaning agent to clean, otherwise it is difficult to rule out gray spots. Unify the household staff prompt eliminate scale household, can't take advantage of strong acid clean toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc. , or it will damage the glaze, lose its shine. 4, if ambry is the original wood quality, should use duster exclude dust clean first, and then with a dry cloth or with aftercare dedicated emulsion to wipe the log, please do not use clean wet rag and oil products. 5, wash basin or gas stove and so on mesa place should stop tap or hit, foshan custom software furniture factory, two pieces of mesa place, KTV sofa, should prevent moisture permanent immersion. Finally unify international household to household staff to remind you again, cabinet is clean and aftercare to be reckoned with, and pay attention to the point.

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