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Round tea table of stainless steel production steps

by:KNK     2020-07-26

because stainless steel, stainless steel are often processed into all kinds of stainless steel products. Now in the market the most common tea table is round tea table, stainless steel because of its resistance than the wooden is practical, and it is environmental protection. Then. As we all know round tea table made of stainless steel several steps? Stainless steel decoration company below, foshan, is to introduce you to the specific flow of round tea table made of stainless steel, stainless steel tea table to make the first step: 1, arc cutting material: with plate processing round tea table to use laser cutting stainless steel. With laser cutting stainless steel plate cut into arc, baiting size for a quarter of the circumference of the circle. Instead of directly into a circle, it is very waste of materials. 2, long strip materials: first of all use stainless steel plane slot machine stainless steel sheet will be out of the half plank thickness of slot, then use high precision shearing machine cutting. The length of the strip material size than round weeks between 300 and 400 mm long. Materials, stainless steel tea table to make the second step: pieces of fine grinding, fine grinding method 1: the long strip material and arc the two side of fine grinding, make its surface smooth, fine grinding size for a third of the plate thickness. 2, note: material edges will omit this process a lot of fine grinding production manufacturer, to reduce the manufacturing cost, and through the marginal products of fine grinding, exterior effect is better. But for the average person is invisible, but for professionals, you can see the quality of the product quality. So remind customers buy round stainless steel tea table, can use the hand to touch the edge of tea table, smooth, if the entire product as a whole, is after fine grinding of high grade product. Three, stainless steel tea table moulds made by the third step: making the hotel rarely use mould, stainless steel tea table because generally less dosage. If the batch is bigger, can be made into a high temperature resistant ceramic ring mold, in order to improve the work efficiency and machining accuracy. Four, stainless steel tea table to make the fourth step: the side of the welding, welding stainless steel hotel tea table 1: the elongated board two kinds of welded together, form a circle, cut off excess part, both sides want full welding. 2, the arc segment welding material in the round, make sure the size of the welding of flatness and solder joints, in addition to control the welding time, prevent the material deformation. 3, repeat the above two steps, you can get a ring with plate welding. Thus make the border around the hotel round tea table of stainless steel mesa. Then the frame to carry on the fine grinding. 4, repeat the third step, to get hotel stainless steel tea table of the border around the face and underside. 5, with plate welded into a square table leg, some low-end products tea table leg is directly adopted directly welded stainless steel pipe. 6, the tea table of stainless steel bezel on the table, face frame, base frame and the leg welded together. Five, stainless steel tea table step 5: making overall fine grinding and drawing of welded stainless steel tea table to carry on the fine grinding, fine grinding to adopt manual fine grinding, when not using fine grinding machine. If you want to do a mirror stainless steel table, do not do wire drawing processing. If you want to make no fingerprints stainless steel table, wire drawing, wire drawing do not use wire drawing machine, to make a drawing by hand. Manual drawing lines is more exquisite, wire drawing machine is relatively coarse grain, no sense. Six, stainless steel tea table step 6: after the will to carry on the fine grinding of titanium coating or drawing processing products through three times cleaning, drying after four times, and then into the furnace of titanium coating on the need to the color of the plating. If you need to do without fingerprints processing, it is the nano paint spray paint spray paint room. Seven, stainless steel tea table step 7: choose mesa and adornment 1, can choose imitation marble mesa, and two kinds of toughened glass. Two kinds of price difference is not big, the other marble and toughened glass and ten several kinds to choose from, it can choose according to individual be fond of. 2, adornment on the choice of according to oneself choose type or select according to the rendering. Above is the foshan stainless steel processing company for everybody finishing steps round tea table of stainless steel production. Can see how to create a circular stainless steel tea table, artificial cost is higher. So the price also is we often see the tea table of 5 to 6 times, some even up to 10 times more. Produced by the method of the circular stainless steel tea table actually has reached the level of stainless steel handicraft, so when you know the price of some of the tea table is very high, please don't be surprised.

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