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Put the principle of the sofa

by:KNK     2020-08-22

although we all know that buying a sofa, but we buy back after but don't know how to put, how put the sofa? This and our space, only put the sofa is good, can meet our life habits and the ability to have the effect of optimization space.
sofa put principle

the sofa can't to the door, if to the door, open the door can directly see people doing on the sofa, make people have no privacy, so we put in to put it in a side door.

sofa can be on only one side of the window, so the sunlight can shine to the sofa but not that strong, prevent us sunshine, is the best put principle of sofa.

the sofa is on one side of the window, we want to make sofa and window slightly staggered, so that we can avoid affected by outdoor things, thus can avoid sofa faded by the sun for a long time.

if the sofa is put in front of the window directly, it must be a slightly stagger Angle, don't let it directly depend on the window, to put it on geomantic learn words can also make people life, so to avoid.

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