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prepare raw material

prepare raw material

Cutting the SS 304 hollow pipe

Our factory's products are mainly made of stainless steel. We will determine the materials needed by customers before we will open the materials


The commonly used stainless steel grades can be divided into 201/304/316 and so on.

According to the shape, stainless steel can be divided into: stainless steel plate, stainless steel round pipe, stainless steel square pipe, stainless steel flat pipe, stainless steel rectangular pipe, stainless steel solid flat steel

Thickness: commonly used 0.5mm/0.8mm/1mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm or other thickness can also be customized.

Fade I

The equipment for material cutting mainly depends on the thickness. Generally, the steel pipe and solid flat steel are cut with water, the hydraulic plate cutting machine is used for plate cutting, and the numerical control laser cutting machine is used for plate carving pattern or thick material cutting.


          Hydraulic plate shears


                CNC laser cutting machine

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