Polished stainless steel furniture that way is better choice

by:KNK     2020-09-12

the current stainless steel furniture has been at the state of growth, demand is also more and more big. Careful observation, the current main stainless steel furniture is given priority to with mirror, drawing, sand blasting, the use of the mirror by the many, because the surface is smooth and bright effect, whether it match what kind of surface treatment, can very good play gives the contemporary sense of the stainless steel furniture itself. Current stainless steel polishing method is very much, have a mechanical, chemical and electrochemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, electrolytic polishing, fluid, magnetic abrasive polishing, etc. , the effect of different polishing methods, not all of the polishing is fit for use on stainless steel furniture, let's in detail each polishing way, tell good polishing stainless steel furniture choose what kind of way. Polished stainless steel furniture choose that way is better 1, mechanical polishing, this way of polishing is a kind of operation is very simple, as long as there is a polishing machine can, advantages, even if convenience simple, and high brightness, low cost, the price is cheaper. But the glossiness of the duration is not long, so far most of the stainless steel furniture polish is to choose this way. 2, chemical polishing,
the advantage of chemical polishing is for a lot of complex product can complete polishing, unlike mechanical polishing some corner is unable to complete polishing. Of course this kind of method can less brightness, and there are now foshan scrutiny on environmental protection, pollution less this way. 3, electrochemical polishing: the advantages of this approach is the mirror luster, and keep the time too long. At present there are some high-grade stainless steel furniture USES these methods, but the price is more expensive. 4, electrolytic polishing, electrolytic polishing and the basic principle of the same chemical polishing, tiny bulge on selective dissolution material surface, the surface is smooth. Compared with the chemical polishing, can eliminate the influence of the cathode reaction, the effect is better. 5 polishing fluid polishing is rely on high speed of fluid flow of liquid and its carrying abrasive erosion surface polishing. 6 magnetic abrasive polishing
magnetic abrasive polishing is the use of magnetic abrasive in the magnetic field is formed under the action of abrasive brush, grinding of workpiece. This method is of high efficiency, good quality, processing condition easy to control, good working conditions. Using appropriate grinding, the surface roughness can reach Ra0. 1μm。 We can see from the above content, including electrochemical polishing and mechanical polishing is the comparison of the two kinds of way for polishing stainless steel furniture, at present, most of the stainless steel furniture factory is looking for this kind of polishing factory, some manufacturer even oneself will import some advanced mechanical polishing equipment, directly under polishing processing. Electrochemical because build polishing environment particularly expensive, so it was very rare.

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