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Pay attention to the stainless steel screen appeared in the process of welding crack stability

by:KNK     2020-10-17
Stainless steel screen welding as a kind of by local heating of stainless steel, the stainless steel together is the process, if in the process of machining technology does not pass, often appear all sorts of problems. Some of these welding stainless steel screen problems will affect the product beautiful, some can cause the damage of the stainless steel screen, and even needs to be processed. Welding lead into problem could happen: crack, perforation, scarring, deformation, etc. Some of the problems will not immediately after completion of welding can be found that some may be in after the completion of a few hours or days or longer, can only be seen in these did not come in immediately after welding cold crack is called delayed crack, it is a common phenomenon in many cold crack. The situation of the welding crack of stainless steel screen is basically about above, as a manufacturer of stainless steel screen, welding ability of high and low, is very important to the quality of the product, especially welding which on the one hand, if there is a problem will be modified in time, beyond repair should change materials to processing. It is in order to guarantee the quality of stainless steel screen, the second is for the sake of safety, welding processing is an important way of processing, connecting each part of the screen if the welding is not strong, screen collapsed, dumping may cause harm to the user's property even life. So to understand the cause of welding crack of stainless steel screen, avoid the occurrence of cracks is very important. In general, the carbon content is 0. 35% to 0. 40% of the low alloy steel, medium and high carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel and high strength steel stainless steel screen, welding was not only have a tendency to cold crack. Production most cold crack in the welding of high strength low alloy stainless steel checkered affected zone or fusion line, sometimes may be produced in the weld seam, according to the part of the cold crack. Stainless steel screen welding crack appeared in the course of 1. Root crack: one of the most common fractures, generally occur in the use of containing a high percentage of hydrogen electrode and insufficient preheat ( Or no preheating) In the case. 2. Weld toe cracks, mainly in the weld and parent metal border, and there is a clear focus. Direction parallel to the longitudinal welding seam, often from the surface of the weld toe to the depths of the parent metal. 3. Weld crack: under this kind of crack usually occur in high hydrogen content in heat affected zone, usually in the direction of crack parallel to the fusion line, but sometimes also is perpendicular to the fusion line. A kind of welding process problems need to pay attention to in the general carefully read stainless steel checkered products can relate to, stainless pipe welding screen is made of stainless steel tube, plates and so on profile after welding, patchwork, eventually forming a variety of beautiful design, want to know can welding out of such a fine arts and crafts, not easy, in addition to very adept technology and attentive and patient, because such as operation technology is a little careless, do not pass or work there will be a lot of problems. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen is a delicate work of art
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