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Partition screen common stainless steel welding technology have?

by:KNK     2020-10-18
Stainless steel screen partition is also familiar to us, but a temporary manufacturing process, we should how explanation clear, whether our quotation of cent is repeated ask a few questions, what color? Drawing is still the mirror? Spot welding is full weld? Tube splice plate hollow out? Feels familiar to dialogue! Here is the popular science under the screen for both of us a few kinds of manufacturing process. 1, the tube drawing full welding. Drawing also don't see joint full weld appearance, next to no solder joints, harder than mirror polishing process of full welding process with a slightly less, but is still his how much price is just like a mirror, because is full welding, also sent dozens of yuan a square, only drawing easy than for mirror. 2, tube splice full welding mirror: the process for stainless steel screen is a kind of technology more expensive price, because the manufacturing process is more, the first thing to get some good quality products, ability to ensure that the point of view all consistent, which pieced together a more flat, there is the teacher reflect the use to decorate burnish owe to play, and risk of deformation is large, adding the difficulty of manufacturing, and to also is not beautiful, decorate tube is to rely on walk quantity, the price also in where cheaper than products tube, so it is. Tube was 4 k - 6 k appearance, the manufacturer of some of the most demanding higher will take it from the beginning polishing, thrown to the 8 k in welding, cutting such polishing time grinding welding mouth can only demand, don't have the whole screen again, also have a factory is not heavy thrown directly to use, but this mirror late master polishing is harder next to the surface, or when it is work. 3, surrounding edge with the existence of the surrounding edge because tube welding joining together can't do big radian, or data standard pipe is no so the factory to make the practice of surrounding edge full welding, the process defect, is that capital is higher, double laser out of the plate to weld together and then to craft go full welding burnish, more time consuming, if is the mirror will have more intensified, the strengths is all sorts of modelling are able to do, however, there is no process constraints. 4, tube splice mirror spot welding, the process is less than the full weld grinding polishing processing, but also demand from top tube polishing ability to reach the requirement, the solder joints beside the tube surface, positive solder joints are invisible. 5, laser hollow out the screen process with surrounding edge are like, but two running board surrounding edge is to be together, this will do a quick enough laser hollow out, thickness is also due to the thickness of the users to customize, usually 2 - 15 mm with more, most of this process is a machine can end, so the price is a bit low, but the reserve price is limited to 2 - 3 mm is cheap, is beyond 3 mm mirror is expensive price, after full welding, but strength lies in his stronger plasticity, can do all sorts of modelling, and tube splice can only make Chinese beautiful case. 6, spelling a spot welding wire drawing tube welding relative to the above products is relatively cheap one, because the factory do it fast, low prices, this process is also very popular, but is still a penny a points goods, budget is still under the condition of selected enough full weld more and more beautiful! After the above explanation trust users know a little bit are fundamental with stainless steel screen, so, stainless steel screen when make quotation based on: dimensions, color, full welding is still spot welding, the mirror is brushed, hollow out is still the splicing ability to calculate a price, after so many process ability to make a screen, can manufacture the manufacturer of stainless steel screen is still needs must skill strength talents well, let's get relative skills in pay attention to when choosing power stronger company, such ability by using manufactured products. Articles by: stainless steel partition foshan metal products co. , LTD provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: color stainless steel screen partition using in the clubhouse
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