Parents must pay attention to of children room decorate feng shui taboo

by:KNK     2020-08-09

the child is the parents' pride, think to each of parents with their children the best for their children. Many conditional parents to children's ability to exercise independent, will reach a certain age in children after provide a room to belong to his children. Then the child tried to decorate a room, let children live in a comfortable, safe environment. But due to a lot of people don't know about children room feng shui, so decoration only considering the good-looking, ignoring the feng shui, cause children while living in a beautiful room, but always appear all sorts of problems. Here is to introduce the children room feng shui knowledge of small wish I can help you.

the geomantic parents must pay attention to children room in decorate taboo

1, many parents in order to make the room look good on the wall of the children's room and paste a variety of special flowers disorderly, all kinds of strange animals or warrior fighting wallpaper, although these wallpaper can adorn the room but will cause the children love to play, often have nightmares or produce good USES harsh attitude. Is such, mainly is the content of these wallpaper because often appear in the child's field of vision, so will be deeply engraved on the child's subconscious to affect a child's state of mind.

2, in addition to the wallpaper, the child's room on the wall are the best and don't apply some color such as pink, red, and falling too dazzling paint, these will not only affect the child's strength and can lead to children often can't concentrate, often distracted. So recommend using some green and ivory color, can protect your eyes, don't cause bad effect.

3, when put beds and there are many places need to be aware of, children bed cannot be put under the beam, because caused great pressure on children, affect morpheus quality. The head of a bed is for Windows, air conditioning, exhaust fan, air conditioning, easy to affect a child's health. It is best to put the bed head on the wall, neither stroke damage caused by the long-term exposure to blow, but also will give the child a feeling of sureness.

it is some children room decorating a feng shui is important things, hope parents can keep in mind the heart again. Feng shui said while give a person a kind of fantastic feeling, but many of them contains the scientific reason. So everyone in the children room is decorated to avoid some of the problems above, give the child a real comfortable and healthy home life.

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