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Outdoor stainless steel furniture with what material

by:KNK     2020-09-02

outdoor stainless steel furniture because used outdoors all the year round, so the hard to avoid can meet the full range of the wind and rain, often in the bad environment, if the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel material is not strong, in how many years will rust. So we in the choice of outdoor furniture of stainless steel material, should choose to compare corrosion models. Is the current mainstream of several models for 316 corrosion resistance is very strong, is the ideal material, but the price is too expensive. The price of 304 in a medium, but also suitable for outdoor use. So with 304 stainless steel outdoor furniture is can completely of stainless steel. Of course this is not absolute, as the coastal city of 304 stainless steel is a must, but if often come into contact with the water of the sea, it is necessary to use 316 so as to guarantee the outdoor stainless steel furniture will not rust. Because of the nature of the stainless steel or iron based alloy, and the sea has a lot of chlorine ion and sodium ion ( Sodium chloride salt, which is why the sea is salty. ) As a result, the stainless steel surface will produce many tiny battery, leading to such elemental iron slowly lose electrons, quality will be reduced, over time, large areas of corrosion. So what material outdoor stainless steel furniture also look at what kind of outdoor environment, if is common place, adopts 304 stainless steel can be competent completely, if often come into contact with the water of the sea, the 316 stainless steel is recommended, although the price is expensive, but can guarantee the use of time. The material requirements of outdoor stainless steel furniture is oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, choice of materials only keep the basic ability is a suitable material.

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