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Our stainless steel furniture rusted what should I do?

by:KNK     2020-08-28

stainless steel furniture widely due to rust, but it really will not rust, in fact not, stainless steel furniture is not easy to rust, but if you don't have a good maintenance is also will rust. Stainless steel furniture at ordinary times don't placed in damp places, more do not wipe with wet cloth. If with soap and water or detergent to wipe stainless steel furniture, be careful not to wet the metal plating parts, prevent the stainless steel layer and paint falls off, rust. If appeared brown mesh spot, stainless steel furniture proposal wipes with neutral oil, prevent mesh spot expanded stainless steel protective layer loss, rust. If have rust stainless steel furniture, timely cleaning, prevent rust, if small furniture, can be placed in an oil containing a night to soak in the basin, if it is a big furniture, can dip in with the brush or cotton oil cleaning rust, but everyone big pay attention not to use sandpaper, rust. If there is a stainless steel home furniture, it is suggested that can can be coated with anti-rust agent at ordinary times, can have the effect of rust. Foshan city stainless steel furniture factory as a professional manufacturer of stainless steel furniture customization, can provide customers with beautiful appearance, durable stainless steel furniture.

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