Of children room decorate design and receiving skill

by:KNK     2020-08-09

child is very naughty, so they played a horrible place basically can use to describe, when we were on the finishing is also need to spend a long time. Was very tired after work every day, if you have a very good method. Not only can save time, and can let their children stay in a clean and tidy living environment. So have a good children room to receive skill is very important, so we can better and faster to our children to tidy up the room.

let children room more clean and tidy, children room to receive skills

if our children room space is smaller and more stuff, so we need more attention to children room clean and tidy, such ability can give children more space to play, but also can make our children have consciousness, because he saw children room be finishing very clean every day, his playing time will be more attention.

1, choose the ground ark hidden storage: children room had better install shelf and the drawer units on floor, with a cupboard door unnecessary clutter can be isolated from sight.

2, receive against the wall, the game center: make every effort to improve space utilization rate, give the child enough ground to play space, but don't let the big bed dominated the center of the room, store content ark with multi-layer receive check can stick a wall to put. Choose open to receive furniture, unique style can attract the attention of the children, let them have interest in active to receive.

3, choose assorted furniture: it not only can make the space twice, and some children bed set the bookcase, wardrobe and other functions. Unexpected place some retractable plate, small objects can be placed a walk-in, leave more space for the child.

4, effective use of the wall space: we can place some shelf on the wall surface, or hook used for placing items, and we can also distinguish between children need and can't touch and don't need to distinguish, so the height of the can to make sure our link, and we can also paste children like things on the wall.
design of children room decorate

children room decorating skills
if you are going to decorate children room, in addition to the understanding of children room to receive skills, but also according to the child's behavior for proper decoration. Can not only guarantee the room clean and tidy, but also to ensure the safety of children. If you have good children room decorate, if through the following reading found unreasonable place, must into possible changes, avoid unnecessary damage to the child.

1, the babies in young children, curious about the world is full, the newborn child is just like a tiger, not afraid of anything. Even their own face, arms and legs, they are directly to scratch with the hand, dare to use teeth to bite. And the other objects in the room. Electric switch, when decorating, or in accordance with the normal design, of course design with the switch socket is very necessary. The usual socket hole, remember to make sure you need to purchase a switch protection plug, protect, prevent the baby put ignorant little fingers in to discuss and get an electric shock accidents.

2, here said the decoration materials, be sure to choose a better. The need to differentiate class according to everyone's economic base. Use less as far as possible the paint in construction technology. Plank can choose a few big manufacturer, has the certificate of quality acceptance logo at ease a lot.

3, inside the furniture, such as tables and chairs, bed, as far as possible is the shape of a circular arc. If can't change, please purchase corner protection, this can be very effective to prevent the baby's head and accidentally touching the edges.

4, according to young children learn that why newborn baby need to use red, yellow, blue, the gorgeous colour such as to stimulate their eye vision, it is for this reason. And the color is not literally row. If we make blue wall design, smallpox and hanging a flower, and the moon shape, besmear to brush on the blue. Smallpox at the top of the white, so that your baby will not surprise?

the content is of children room tidy receiving skill and the introduction of children room decorate a design, in addition to the introduction of everyone in the children room is decorated, not to judge whether the room is nice in his own eyes. To children's health and future development as the highest premise, the children room that give the child a warm and comfortable environment. And the choice of furniture, also want to carefully check, avoid the phenomenon of formaldehyde to exceed bid. Choose the furniture with no edges and corners as far as possible, if you have to buy furniture edges and corners, anti-collision bar may be used for package, avoid injury when children play.

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