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New furniture should pay attention to what aspects when using

by:KNK     2020-08-20

is it can be placed in the house after we will buy furniture used directly? If it's not a big effect, can be used directly, but we have also made some note when using, the following we will give you new furniture should pay attention to what aspects when in use. After we bought new furniture, had better not to rush into the interior or, if the inside of the conditional word as far as possible let furniture harmful gas release of about the same again, especially in children room furniture, more ventilation after can use, it can release harmful gas in the furniture, affect people's health is no longer. If we buy the furniture of the chest of man-made board production, so try not to give their underclothes or children on it, because the new wardrobe of formaldehyde content is higher, and it can be free in the clothes, if we wear clothes with formaldehyde, can make we respond to dermatitis. Bought new furniture after come back, we can buy some plants can adsorb the harmful gas, so to a certain degree of adsorption effect, reduces the release of harmful gas, reducing the harm to human body. Back we buy new furniture can also be put on the activated carbon adsorption ability such as inside of the goods, at the same time to enhance ventilation, so can reduce the effects of new furniture to human body.

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